Mars Retrograde: April 18th – June 23rd

Mars has been retrograde for more than a month now and we still have another month to go. It is retrograde in Sagittarius but enters Scorpio at the end of May. How many aha moments have you had? How many fears have you been asked to face and reevaluate? Make the changes that have been revealed. It’s time to break old patterns that are holding you back.

Mars is the ruler of Aries, the firs sign of the zodiac. It represents our vision of who we are and where we are going; it’s assertive, aggressive and judgmental. It’s mission is to divide your path so that you can clearly see what is good and bad, right and wrong. Once that’s clear, it’s easier to make decision on your journey.

When Mars is retrograde, advancement slows down; it’s time to position yourself, strategize — not conquer. We tend to judge ourselves by our advancement which is a mistake. Wise men take their time, they reason, they reflect, they position themselves differently whenever they learn something new. They gain knowledge and wisdom from their experiences, not what they’ve accomplished.

Sagittarius is our beliefs, but they don’t just value what they’ve accomplished but more what they’ve learned. This energy takes us higher and wider, expanding our knowledge and understanding. It can be stubborn and persevering, both a desirable trait and a problem, depending on what one is holding on to. The key is to not get rigid in what you think is right, learn as you go and make adjustments. This is how you grow.

So what can you do? First step is self-acceptance. Get rid of the fantasy of your existence and take a look at your strengths and weaknesses. You don’t have to share them with the world, but you do have to acknowledge what they are. Acceptance is power. Find a way to support yourself on where you are lacking. Don’t put yourself in situations that will perpetuate the problem until you’ve resolved it. Have a plan – you can change it tomorrow but you have to start somewhere. Envision yourself moving forward and being successful. Free your real desires they have the power of motivation and above all make a commitment to what you want.  The famous writer and philosopher Goethe has a quote on the subject. “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back– Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.”  And that is the key. If you commit the universe steps forward and helps you succeed. If you’re not really committed you’re on your own.  We all need luck, help and the advantage that comes from making a commitment. Have faith in yourself even if you have to fake it. Work on surrounding yourself with people who believe and support you, friendship is a key to a happy and successful life.

In short, this is a time when great growth can be achieved. You can remove the blocks that are holding you back if you can find the courage to see them clearly. If you need help, don’t hesitate to book a session. It’s my expertise.



Saturn In Sagittarius

Mention Saturn and everyone get’s nervous. It’s time to understand what it really means. Astrologers often refer to it as the taskmaster. Like an Olympic coach who criticizes every nuance of a performance  – its aim is perfection – even though it’s an impossible quest. Understood is the knowledge that only by reaching higher and striving to be better can you improve and grow. Saturn entered Sagittarius, the sign of wisdom and beliefs, in December of 2014 and retrograded back into Scorpio in June of this year. On September 19th it will reenter Sagittarius and stay until December of 2017. Sagittarius rules how you acquire wisdom and knowledge, how you deal with differences and new ideas – it’s your beliefs. It’s time to make adjustments, change outmoded ideas and ideals. When you’re in alignment success and happiness are easier to achieve.

Saturn values perseverance, focus and steadfastness – it’s the turtle that wins the race. But what are you persevering for? Are you sure you’re on the right path to achieve your goals? To “know’ what’s right, you have to allow a debate, to see both sides of an issue and not be overinvested in how you get there. Fantasy is Saturn’s enemy, if it’s protected and unchallenged. When they work together everyone wins;  dreams become real, but they’re also capable of withstanding the storms of life. Work with Saturn, it’s your friend.

We all make judgments, some of them we’re aware of, some are passed on to us through our parents and some we create just to feel more in charge and less confused. A judgment is a label; once something or someone is defined you feel free to let it go and stop exploring its possibilities. Judgments are short cuts; they make life easier, at least for a while. When you keep judgments too long, they can prevent your growth — after all you’ve given up on going deeper — you’ve moved on.

Saturn can be your hero in the shadow, the one that shows you the way. To follow Saturn you have to be fearless and willing to look at yourself and your choices. You have to be ready to advance and update your opinions of yourself, life and others. With Saturn in Sagittarius you’ll have to get rid of the fears that no longer serve you. It’s time to move the boundaries of your life so you can have a greater life.

The U.S. Congress is a prime example of rigid beliefs; both the Republicans and the Democrats refuse to cooperate, bringing legislation to a standstill. The elections in 2016 will happen with Saturn in Sagittarius and already the political arena has had a taste of its power — it arrived with the name Donald Trump. His sudden appearance as a Republican candidate and his surprise popularity has forced everyone to reexamine their beliefs — after all, he has broken all the rules and his popularity keeps growing. Mr. Trump is Saturn’s ally, he has done the impossible by getting a great many voters out of complacency and offered them an easy fix to their problems – elect Trump president. Trump has conjured up a presence of boldness, American ideals, independence from being bought and selective honesty. He appeals to people’s self-interest and he continuously throws the press and other politicians off balance. He has shattered his competition’s power by not playing by the rules – something everyone else is afraid to do. Once Saturn enters Sagittarius he’ll be under greater scrutiny. Donald is a Gemini, the sign opposite of Sagittarius. Soon he’ll have to prove he has the credentials, knowledge and the ability to lead America, not just shake things up?

Kim Davis of Kentucky is another manifestation of rigid beliefs that refuse to change. Her denial of marriage licenses to gay’s or lesbians, in spite of the recent Supreme Court decision, has landed her in jail. For some she’s a hero and for others she’s standing in the way of their rights. As a Virgo, she’ll get some support with Jupiter in her sign, but eventually Saturn will square her planets. She’ll be forced to comply or resign. She’s entitled to her beliefs, but she can’t impose them on others. As a government employee she must abide by the law of the land.

Pope Francis has rejuvenated the Catholic Church and has brought a renewed spirit of forgiveness and love since his inauguration in 2013. In his recent letter addressing the “Year of Mercy” he expressed a wish to welcome women who have had abortions back into the church. Priests are given the power “to absolve the sin of abortion” for those who seek forgiveness with a “contrite heart.” His emphasis on mercy rather than judgment is the true power of love. However, he’s challenging old beliefs that are less inclusive. The Pope is a Sagittarian, born December 17th so get used to him stirring the religious pot and challenging others to embrace a greater and less judgmental truth.

Europe has its greatest boundary issues since World War 11. Refugees from Syria are flooding into Europe by the thousands. The humanitarian issues are astounding, but there is also fear, fear that this is a hijrah into Europe: the Islamic colonization of Europe. The immediacy of the crisis creates the need for action without reflection. When solutions are not simple, we are thrown into a battle between fear and humanity, between caution and compassion. The inner war has begun; the solution unsure.

To prepare yourself for what Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius means for you, ask yourself where your beliefs are being challenged? Are they holding you back? Do you truly believe in them or are you just afraid of the unknown? Have you isolated yourself because of self-criticism, or have you placed judgments on others to reduce their power and make yourself seem stronger and more important? If you have no boundaries at all, then you’ll need to get them now – add the word “no” to your vocabulary. Saturn is your opportunity to weed out the ideas and ideals that clash with who you really are. It’s time to be authentic and stand in your truth. The clearer you are about who you are and what you want, the easier it is to achieve your dreams.