Mars Retrograde: April 18th – June 23rd

Mars has been retrograde for more than a month now and we still have another month to go. It is retrograde in Sagittarius but enters Scorpio at the end of May. How many aha moments have you had? How many fears have you been asked to face and reevaluate? Make the changes that have been revealed. It’s time to break old patterns that are holding you back.

Mars is the ruler of Aries, the firs sign of the zodiac. It represents our vision of who we are and where we are going; it’s assertive, aggressive and judgmental. It’s mission is to divide your path so that you can clearly see what is good and bad, right and wrong. Once that’s clear, it’s easier to make decision on your journey.

When Mars is retrograde, advancement slows down; it’s time to position yourself, strategize — not conquer. We tend to judge ourselves by our advancement which is a mistake. Wise men take their time, they reason, they reflect, they position themselves differently whenever they learn something new. They gain knowledge and wisdom from their experiences, not what they’ve accomplished.

Sagittarius is our beliefs, but they don’t just value what they’ve accomplished but more what they’ve learned. This energy takes us higher and wider, expanding our knowledge and understanding. It can be stubborn and persevering, both a desirable trait and a problem, depending on what one is holding on to. The key is to not get rigid in what you think is right, learn as you go and make adjustments. This is how you grow.

So what can you do? First step is self-acceptance. Get rid of the fantasy of your existence and take a look at your strengths and weaknesses. You don’t have to share them with the world, but you do have to acknowledge what they are. Acceptance is power. Find a way to support yourself on where you are lacking. Don’t put yourself in situations that will perpetuate the problem until you’ve resolved it. Have a plan – you can change it tomorrow but you have to start somewhere. Envision yourself moving forward and being successful. Free your real desires they have the power of motivation and above all make a commitment to what you want.  The famous writer and philosopher Goethe has a quote on the subject. “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back– Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.”  And that is the key. If you commit the universe steps forward and helps you succeed. If you’re not really committed you’re on your own.  We all need luck, help and the advantage that comes from making a commitment. Have faith in yourself even if you have to fake it. Work on surrounding yourself with people who believe and support you, friendship is a key to a happy and successful life.

In short, this is a time when great growth can be achieved. You can remove the blocks that are holding you back if you can find the courage to see them clearly. If you need help, don’t hesitate to book a session. It’s my expertise.



The Retrogrades

How did you survive the last five months of continuous retrogrades? What did you learn about yourself? Are you ready to embrace change and believe that you have what it takes to live the life you’ve always wanted?  

The first planet to go retrograde was Venus in Capricorn. Capricorn, by nature, is slow and methodical and with a retrograde it brings things to a stop. Venus is often underrated in a chart because it rules love – an ethereal and subjective energy by nature. However, love is the glue that keeps the universe together. Many a powerful world leader has been brought to his knees by Cupid’s arrow. Love penetrates our barriers, our outer walls and it gives us a taste of feeling connected to something greater than ourselves. When Venus is in retrograde, there is often a feeling of disconnect, of being alone, of not feeling valued. If you felt unappreciated by the people around you before the retrograde, then those feelings were probably enhanced. Remember, others see your value when you do. Treat yourself with love and respect and you’ll find that others do the same.

Mercury retrograde is a common happening. We have one every three months. Mercury went retrograde three days after Venus went direct. Not much time to take a deep breath. Mercury retrograde doesn’t allow us to move forward, it makes sure we clear our desk of old projects; it brings people from our past into the moment, and throws our normal schedule into chaos. This forces one to slow down and deal with what they may have been avoiding.

The third retrograde was the most challenging — Mars, the warrior planet went retrograde in Libra on March 2nd.  Mars took us on an inward journey through our old issues of anger, frustration and denial. If everyone around you seemed upset or perturbed at the smallest indiscretion, now you know why. Mars put you face to face with the truth or what you didn’t want to see. For two months, avoiding your fears was not an option. Mars also rules your vision, so if you are not living your truth or doing the work you love, then you will feel the consequences of making choices that don’t support your soul.

With Mars direct, don’t panic. Things will begin to move and move quickly. If you’ve wanted a new job, you may just get one. If you were fed up in your relationship, then something may happen that gives you the courage to leave. The obstacle in your path will be removed; people will suddenly become available that were not in the past. The more you understand what’s happening, the easier it is to overcome any issue that may be preventing your success.


Try Something New

As I was having breakfast this morning I found myself starring at Madonna’s gold and diamond teeth on the cover of The Post and a few minutes later I was reading about Ben Affleck having been chosen to play Batman. Apparently, the social network was abuzz registering their disapproval. Madonna and Ben were under attack. Let me go on record that I’m not crazy about Madonna’s new attention-getter, nor would I have picked Ben Affleck for Batman, but I am open minded. Madonna is not too old to try new things, which was a major complaint. She will never be too old to shock the world and it’s one reason I admire her. She incorporates change with such ease we could all learn from it. Never is Madonna afraid to put herself out there and risk criticism and rejection. She is fearless. As for Ben, let’s give him a chance. Why do we all have to put others in a box and throw away the key? If you’re creative, you want to express yourself in new ways, access a different side of yourself and add depth to your image. Unfortunately, when our icons make choices we don’t agree with, we get angry, frustrated or annoyed. But we don’t have to; we could go with the flow and concentrate on changing something in our own lives instead of trying to keep others in a box.

Polarization, A Prelude to Change

The world has become polarized, but it may just be a prelude to change. Whenever there is a pull to surrender, to accept a new and greater point of view, instinct has one pull back into ones comfort zone, into the exact ideas and ideals that need to be changed – we don’t want to let them go. Most people are afraid of the unknown, although it is this amazing place that allows new ideas to flourish, new opportunities to present themselves, new possibilities in general. Do you really want to live in supposed comfort (it’s really routine) built from fear? The human spirit needs to soar, it needs to be free of limitations and express itself in new ways or it shrinks and loses its power. Give your spirit a shot of nourishment and allow it to take you some place you haven’t been. That place could be just one more block than you usually walk, a different turn in the road, a conversation with a stranger, a moment to contemplate the beauty of the sky or the delicateness of a single flower. Beauty surrounds around you if you open your eyes to see it, new paths lay before you; don’t be afraid to explore.