Your Achilles Heel

In Greek Mythology Achilles was dipped into the river Styx by his mother to make him immortal. Unaware that holding him by his heel kept that spot untouched by the water and it remained human and vulnerable. As the myth goes, Achilles dies in battle from a poison arrow to his heel. Today, Achilles Heel refers to any weakness, imperfection or vulnerability one possesses.

Everyone has an Achilles Heel, an emotion, desire, wrong perception, or habit that surfaces to sabotage their goals. This part becomes over-protected out of fear and so it never gets healed or strong. Most Achilles Heel’s are formed in childhood. There is always something you wanted and didn’t get and so a fantasy is created around the issue – if only you had this, you’d be happy. Perhaps it’s love, wealth, success, romance or fame that you have elevated to the position of making you whole. Of course, none of these things have any staying power, if you don’t believe you deserve them. Accept what you desire and act as if you already possess it. If you do you will attract it.

The truth is we really don’t need a lot to survive. If life throws you a curve ball, don’t think you’re doomed, cursed or unable to have what you want. Stop making the moment worse — learn from it, make yourself smarter and wiser. If you experienced a bad romantic choice, then figure out why you didn’t see who he or she was at the beginning. What blinded you from the truth? It was all there if you were willing to pay attention. The more reality you can cope with without losing faith in life and yourself, the stronger and smarter you will be. Figure out your automatic choices when you’re under stress, they’re usually the ones that lead to disaster. Once you know your Achilles Heel, you can turn it into strength.