The Power of Truth

Truth is something we often take for granted, but in the world of “alternative facts” it’s become increasingly important to know what is real and what is not. Truth will never let you down, for at its core it never changes – although it’s appearance can be pliable, making it easy to be used in more than one environment. It’s a gift; something strong and enduring to help you build your life upon.  A lie, on the other hand, is destined to disappoint – it’s an illusion that can only be maintained with vigilance and energy. Its attraction is an immediate reward – a quick high, a false fix of hope, which only keeps you treading water and never moving forward.

Truth as a child was easy to see and embrace, but society and even friends and family will pull you away from his empowering path. Truth challenges the accepted reality, it disappoints and often angers those you love or want approval from. And so you repress it, rather than face a confrontation. Truth requires strength and commitment, so it is not for the weak at heart. A word of caution; don’t waste your time defending truth; it doesn’t need your sword. Truth lives in eternity. Invincible. it has unlimited patience and if you align yourself with it, it will teach you the wisdom and secrets of its power. Truth enlightens, strengthens, clarifies and keeps you steady on the rocky path of life. So seek the truth and accept it, only then will you be able to shape it into your own vision.