Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter enters Libra on September 9th and will stay until October 10, 2017.  Jupiter remains in a sign for one year and it works its magic, expanding our consciousness, our boundaries and giving us a feeling of being supported in our endeavors. To use Jupiter to its maximum talent one must be committed to themselves, to either discovering who they are and what they want or pursuing their passion or dreams. When you are centered in self-awareness and not giving your power away, then the universe can step forward and offer you support and inspiration. It can bring you opportunity and show you new paths. However, without faith in your own vision and desires, whatever is offered is often not appreciated or even acknowledged. Learn how to embrace an experience and make it your own. Just because the results were not what you imagined, doesn’t mean that the gift was not a part of the package. It’s important to take things apart and see what worked and what didn’t. Learn, embrace and discard and you’ll find the gift is there — the next step or the actual prize.

Once you’re centered, becoming comfortable with both giving and receiving is important. Both energies are necessary for advancement that doesn’t exhaust and deplete one’s energy. When you help someone else, you feel empowered and in control, and when someone else helps you, chances are you feel vulnerable and indebted – but what you need to realize is that you’re giving a gift to the giver – you’re offering them the experience of sharing their talents with you – you’re empowering them by surrendering for the moment. If your door only works one way, it will get jammed and you’ll feel stuck – balance is not achieved.  Everyone favors one side or the other, learning to use both gives you an advantage. Stop and ask yourself, do I have trouble letting others do things for me, accepting help, a gift, an offer? Without the ability to receive, giving will become a burden.

Libra is the sign of relationships. If you are in one, it’s time to improve it and add something new to the package. If you’re not, perhaps this is the year when the right person will cross your path. Business partnerships are included in the energy; alliances will be beneficial so if you’re thinking about it, Jupiter will help you out.

Those who have prepared for success and done the work, these souls have helped Jupiter bring them abundance, expansion, support, opportunity and new paths to follow. If you are wondering where Libra is in your chart and how the coming year will affect you personally and in business, then you should book a reading with Linda Joyce, astrologer and life coach.