Halloween In New York City

I just came out of a Halloween Party on Twenty-third Street in my favorite city in the world, New York, and decided to walk home. I had totally forgotten that the annual Halloween Parade had just finished and crowds of onlookers would be flooding the streets. As I wove my way in and out of the craziest array of fantasies, I smiled and pondered to myself – did one choose their costume to fulfill a hidden desire? If that was true did the man in an orange prison garb with huge chains around his neck and waist actually want to be imprisoned? I shuddered at the thought, no one could get me into that garb; I valued my freedom too much. Ahead of me was a giant gorilla with a wooden cage strapped to the front of his chest. As I passed him I noticed that there was a real live person inside the cage – he was laughing and I laughed with him. How original. As I pushed forward I came face to face with Zorro in a black cape and sword – now that was more to my liking. In college I was a champion fencer. No time to linger in one reality, too many distractions. To my right was a cowboy; to my left a group of skeletons and zombies, I stopped to watch them spill out into the street at Union Square. Crossing the park I headed down University Street and came face to face with Queen Victoria in her long embroidered gown. I bowed just as a group of cheerleaders hurried by; one dropped a golden pompom. I picked it up and found myself face to face with a man with a clear round globe that encased his head; he looked as if he had just landed from another planet. Delightful. I can’t ever remember enjoying a late night stroll so much. How wonderful to have even one day to expose a dark or dangerous part of oneself or just perhaps a fantasy. As I gladly entered my building on Mercer Street I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Reflected back was a passionate, flamenco dancer in a red and white polka dot ruffled dress. No, I hadn’t danced on the tabletops in reality, but in my mind I had lived the dream. Happy Halloween.