Your August Horoscope for Virgo

(August 23rd – September 22nd)


Virgo, the virgin, represents pure love in search of her other half – the shadow. As she continues her quest for wholeness, she masterfully integrates heaven and earth, merging innocence and the forbidden into one expression. Self-acceptance is often an enormous challenge to Virgos who tend to judge themself more harshly than others. The Universe works in mysterious ways, and since it insists that you stay whole, what you’ve judged as unacceptable in yourself, you’ll actually find attractive in others. In fact, you could fall in love and marry someone who expresses exactly what you’ve repressed: anger, a lack of order, or perhaps a desire to break the rules. Then every day of your life you’ll have to cope with your disowned parts. That’s why opposites attract. So don’t ignore your so-called imperfections, learn to love them and that will set you free.  

Virgo is a mutable sign and all mutable’s (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) have the mission of lifting their consciousness to a new level of awareness. They accomplish this by following their heart and not trying to please those they can’t. When you accept yourself, in spite of the fact that you are different, then life makes sense, and peace is found.

The fog of Neptune takes over this month and leaves you with a few positive choices: you can use this energy for creativity, intuition and imagination. It’s a wonderful time to create new projects or improve old ones, take a dream vacation or just dream away the last of the summer days enjoying the fantasy of it all. Neptune is also spiritual and if you feel the calling then this is the month to indulge – sign up for a spiritual retreat or take a meditation class. Nature is heavens’ gift to earth and if you spend some time among the trees and flowers, it will revitalize your soul. A nourished soul is confident and unafraid of both challenges and risk. Neptune is also creates confusion and uncertainty and to combat this energy requires you to be present and not avoid whatever comes your way. The longer you wait, the harder the issue will be to solve. With the Sun and Mars in the 12th house, your personal power feels inaccessible, but if your faith is strong you’ll find the energy and the power to get things done.. 

I hope you enjoy your own company because this month you can advance more quickly if you pay attention to your inner voice. If you are fearful of being alone, then you will have trouble growing and expanding your life. To live without a connection to oneself is to live on empty. The first two weeks of August present an opportunity to advance from within, to reconnect with your longings and dreams – the invisible architecture of your life. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, acknowledge your strengths, support your weaknesses and most importantly know what makes you happy. Stop measuring yourself against all your Instagram friends and honor where you are. Find joy in the little things and stop thinking that if you just had more of everything life would be better.

Love is either the easiest and most direct path we can take or it’s complicated and enmeshed with struggle and rejection. Virgo’s are often confused by their interpretation of strength. Part of them realizes that sacrifice and helping others is necessary if they want to feel that life is worthwhile, and yet the world seems to pay homage to those who are cold and insensitive to the feelings of others, those that can make tough decisions by removing themselves from their humanity. Fall into that syndrome and you’ll cut yourself off from happiness. Life rewards those who believe in something. So stand up for your beliefs and they’ll become a source of power. 

The previous sign Leo thought that hiding its vulnerability would help it succeed, and in some ways it did. But sooner or later we’ve got to own all of yourself. If you’re too soft and kind, you’ll get eaten up by the vultures; too strong and hard and your life will feel empty and not worthwhile. You need both. This is the struggle for balance. It’s the sign where you realize that if you go far enough down any road it brings you to the other side. Power needs love and love requires power – but what do I mean by power? Power is the courage to be you, to have a personal truth and express it regardless of what others think or do. Power is the ability to say no when others want you to say yes. Without boundaries you can’t be in the unknown, you can’t master chaos and uncertainty because you live in it. When you find the courage to take the first step for you, you will feel the strength that has been missing in your life. It will seep into your veins and race through your body emboldening you to be yourself.

When you are your own person, then love will not hurt or destroy you. It won’t disappoint you, because you’re no longer looking for protection or safety  -- you’re looking for the courage to love. This month love is idealistic and so don’t be afraid to enjoy the dream, just know it won’t last so keep one foot on the ground. Use your dream machine to figure out what you believe will make you happy. If dreaming is an escape and not just an expression of your highest ideals, then your fantasies won’t have the answers you’re seeking.

If you’re in a relationship enjoy this month and lose yourself in each other, problems will be on the back burner so relish these moments. If you’ve just met someone, and you could, with Neptune so strong, know that you are in the throws of illusion and what seems perfect now may turn into a nightmare once Neptune’s influence fades. Pay attention to your own irrational expectations. No one should have to spend every waking minute with their partner. You have an obsessive side and if you don’t get what you want, you could keep trying in spite of someone else’s resistance.

Work this month will put you in your favorite place, behind the scenes calling the shots rather than up front and under attack. You like to ake your moves without attention, this way you avoid having to listen to everyone else’s opinion. When you’re ready you’ll take a stand.  The Full Moon in Aquarius, on the 7th, lands in your 6th house, the Virgo house of work and health. You will have some clout even if you don’t have experience in what needs to be done. You are very capable of figuring out what you don’t know so just gather your confidence and get the job done. With Mercury retrograde from August 13th  – September 5th, you may have some delays or mistakes around a project you are doing. Don’t spend your time on new ideas, they won’t get done, instead clear off your desk and when Mercury goes direct you’ll be ready to move forward. Of course, as with all retrogrades, stay away form purchasing digital equipment and don’t sign contracts that you can put off. If you can’t delay, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean it won’t work, it just means there are adjustments yet to be made. The New Moon on August 21st can give you a magic wand if you know how to use it. It’s time to be centered and silent and listen to your instincts. Take a moment to be quiet and allow the universe to do its work.

Virgo love strength and the ability to make a difference, whether its in the world of philanthropy or the world of finance – it doesn’t matter – they’re here to change things. Worldly power is a quick fix, it does absolutely nothing to quiet the fears and anxieties that live within you – only faith can do that. Faith in yourself and a purpose are essential to your happiness. You’re a sign that needs a purpose to feel grounded, to add meaning to your existence. The higher up the signs we go the more the need to go beyond the self is required. Remind yourself, power lasts when you have trust and character. This  comes from living a life based on principles that you believe in, principles that give you strength and power no matter what is going on. To connect to your power, you must connect to yourself. This is a month to take a step closer to your soul and your destiny. 

Virgo Horoscope by Linda Joyce