October Horoscope for Virgo

(August 23rd – September 22nd)


Finances, intimacy, relationships and new ideas are all on the table this month. It’s a lot, but you can handle it. You’re stepping out of your safe zone and meeting the world with a new perspective. Change yourself and you change the world.

Intimacy – what is it and why is it so difficult to embrace? Well, for starters you have to be present, that means face to face with your strengths and weaknesses. Virgo’s know the easiest route to this soul satisfying experience is service. They’ve learned that when you are willing to do the unpleasant jobs for someone in need, while maintaining a loving attitude, then you are knocking on the door of intimacy. How much of yourself do you give to another; where do you draw the line? The more you can give without losing a sense of self, the stronger you will be. The exchange of emotions, energy and love is very empowering.  

Virgos see power a little different from the rest of the world. They realize that through service you gain not just a greater sense of self, but strength that no one can take away. They are aware of a mysterious power that can’t be harnessed, a power that can thwart any plan or carry it to greatness. They are the bridge between the outer world of success and the inner world of spirit and love.

The full moon on October 5th engages the 2nd and 8th house; intimacy, values and financial issues are what must be dealt with now. For some intimacy is money. When you acquire money, you gain a false sense of power, because if you lose it, you also lose your position and often your so-called friends. What lasts is what you have shared. Those feelings are yours forever. Money is just a means of negotiating the world, not a definition of greatness. This month you will see your financial picture in a new light. You’ll understand what you need to do to increase your wealth and it gives you confidence. If you’re single, then you have no one to answer to when it comes to decisions around finances. However, if you’re married you may find that you don’t always agree. Learn to listen to your partner, discuss the options and come to a compromise. Learn from your choices and work together and it will be a unifying factor rather than something that divides you. When you put aside your own insecurities and listen to someone else, you touch upon intimacy. Money is a sensitive issue because it’s where most of us try to escape our problems. For some it’s a shopping spree to heal the fact that you didn’t get your promotion. For another it may be a new car so others will envy you. Does it make sense -- no, but then the ego never does. It’s all about attention and feeling good on the surface.

Saturn, the planet of reality is in your 4th house of the home. It’s been there for over two years, chipping away at your illusions and forcing you to deal with the truth – your truth. You may finally realize that you’re different from the rest of your family, and that’s a good thing. We’re all unique and our challenge is to own that part of ourselves, not hide it. Saturn will help you develop it. It’s square to Venus and Mars in Virgo, will challenge an old yearning that has renewed its power over you, and you feel inspired with new possibilities. Saturn will help you weave a strategy so that all the different facets of your being find a way to work together. No jumping in without forethought. But Venus and Mars are impatient and more so when they’re together. They tend to put aside consequences. This impulsive energy can compel you forward. But with Saturn present that’s not the plan. You’ve got to know what you’re doing and the work has to be done. If research is required, don’t dismiss it. Do the work and you’ll achieve success.  

With Pisces ruling your house of relationships, you are never quite sure if the person you’re with is the one. Pisces energy is never about facts, it’s about feelings, a spiritual connection that overrides common sense, race, culture and financial discrepancies – it doesn’t care. What it craves is to be understood. The only way you’re going to have a say in who you end up with, is by understanding yourself.  When you are not seeking someone else to fill the emptiness inside you, chances are you won’t make irrational choices. Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011 and it has made you deal with this issue. By next year it will have passed the mid-point of Pisces and you will have a better understanding of yourself and relationships.  If you’ve fallen in love and made a commitment, I’m not saying it won’t work or that it’s wrong for you, what I am saying is you will understand your choices and why you made them. If you’re single this is a month of passion. The Venus Mars conjunction in Virgo has set you on fire. Whatever you want, you want without restrictions, common sense or experience. So go for it. Just know that the Saturn square will force reality into the picture, so enjoy your illusions while you can. Passion is never enough; it doesn’t last. You need someone who understands your soul.

Pluto, one of the most powerful of planets, is both helping and stopping you depending on which road you take. Residing in your 5th house of authority and your ability to have a good time, it’s making a trine to Venus and Mars. It loves your ideas, your passion and inspiration and it will support your leap of faith. The square to the Sun, ruler of your 12th house of the unknown, is the challenge. Can you move forward without certainty, can you enter the unknown and use your instincts as a guide. Keep your focus on the experience rather than the results and you’ll come out ahead.  

A major shift happens on the 11th when Jupiter, the ruler of your 4th house of the home, changes signs – it moves out of Libra and into Scorpio. Communication and short trips are highlighted. It’s time to expand your world, meet new people, and explore new options. With Scorpio ruling this house, you are well aware of the fact that surface issues don’t interest you. You want to see the secrets, the motivation and what others are hiding. In fact, you’d make a great detective. You love ferreting out the truth, so this coming month should be fun. 


Virgo Horoscope by Linda Joyce