August Horoscope for Taurus

 (April 20th  – May 20th)


Taurus rules desire and when these demons are strong and full of passion it is hard for Taurus to listen to anything else. If you’ve chased your demons in your youth and ignored self-discipline, then you know how it feels to live with divine discontent. Desire is never satisfied; it always wants more and if you choose to pursue it, do so for the adventure not the end result. Add the love of freedom to this picture and you have a soul that truly needs exactly what it resents – limits and boundaries. Maturity and experience teaches a difficult lesson: freedom is not the ability to do whatever you want; it’s the strength and intelligence to handle whatever comes your way.

If you didn’t receive the love you needed as a child to feel free and safe, then you probably found comfort in work, money and rules. Those things give you acceptance in society and often success in the world, but they don’t nurture your soul. Every sign can express itself through its extremes, what’s important is to integrate the opposites. It’s the only way to feel in control of your life.   

Maturity brings change and once the desire to achieve becomes more important than defiance, our Taurus will begin to work for success. This month you will get your chance to advance. The full Moon on August 7th brings your career to a turning point. It’s time to confirm who you are and where you’re going. I know that sounds simplistic, and for some it is. There are souls that know as children exactly what they want to do and nothing keeps them from their path. But for most, some soul searching is required. As you learn more about yourself, certain desires and talents gain strength and vie for first position. Saturn is a needed friend, because it represents structure, and this month it makes a trine to the Sun and Mars. Its influence indicates you will be guided by wisdom that has a strong foothold in reality. Add a Jupiter trine to your Moon and you’ll experience an inner urgency to expand, to enlarge your world and it will both excite and fill you with fear. If you’re not organized, how can you handle more? And if you’re too organized you’re afraid of losing control. Whatever you do, don’t let it stop you, just slow down and do things in steps rather than all at once. 

Venus square Jupiter only exacerbates the problem of insecurities – it exposes them: you lack confidence and more importantly you don’t trust yourself. If you are successful and achieved it through struggle, then you have faith and confidence in what you can do, but if you were given things too easily or your success happened too quickly, then you lack faith in your ability to manifest. A Taurus needs the struggle to make them strong.

Venus represents love, and it’s your ruler. Love is food for your soul and when you have it, you can cope with anything. The problem is freedom and love are in conflict. When you feel close to someone the desire to be free takes over and you may unconsciously sabotage the relationship. And when you feel free, your mind shifts to its yearning for love and closeness. The obvious solution is self-love. If you loved yourself enough you wouldn’t depend on others for the honey. This month Venus is trine Neptune and love is idealistic, it makes you believe in fairy tale endings and happily ever after’s. Not a bad thing. Do enjoy it while it lasts, but know that the path of love is fraught with challenges as two people attempt to adjust their lives to each other without losing sight of who they are. You can only do this with a strong voice and the ability to express what others may not want to hear – you’d have to risk unconditional love – a love that keeps you prisoner because its unrealistic. Love will always have its ups and downs, but if it’s real you’ll survive together. 

The Sun Mars conjunction this August happens in your 4th house of the home. Your focus this month is on family and home. This conjunction has left a square to Uranus and so you’ve probably been coping with the consequences of past actions. Hopefully, the struggle brought you insight into yourself. Uranus, the ruler of your house of career, is actually the reason it’s been difficult to fully embrace your professional goals. That’s about to end. The lessons of your 12th house Uranus is that sometimes what happens to you seems beyond your control, know it’s there to teach you the importance of reputation. An earth sign lesson is that when you create trust, you won’t be blamed when things go wrong. You want life to be fair, then work on character – that will get you through the tough spots. Uranus will be parting its ways with Aries next year, May 15th to be exact. Then it will enter Taurus and the fire will be lit under your feet and your heart will burn with desire to do whatever it is you came to this earth to accomplish. If you prepare now, next year will hand you a magic wand, the challenge is to use it wisely and not play with the fire. Misuse has consequences.  

With Neptune in your 11th house opposite your Mercury, you’re still idealistic about money and its value. Part of you values money and the other side disregards it entirely. You may even believe that money will magically manifest whenever you need it, but hopefully you now realize that effort is usually required. If you’re a workaholic, you rely on money for self-worth. This is just as destructive to your happiness as not valuing money at all. Taureans are filled with duality and many just flip back and forth between extremes, always throwing themselves off balance. Without boundaries you’ll never integrate the opposites and find yourself on a safe and secure path. Find the balance and you find the key to a good life.


By mid August, Venus will be under assault not just from Jupiter, but also from Pluto and Uranus.  It will force you deeper into your feelings, because pleasing others after August 15th will not be possible. Your relationships could create power plays, as you both vie for position rather than support each other with love. If this feels like you, then change it. Look for the places you’ve always connected and validate them. Get rid of your ego because it keeps you from listening to others. Know what your partner needs and know what you can and cannot compromise, then negotiations become less complex and easier to solve. If you’re single, it’s not a good month to hook up with someone new. The danger is you may end up taking care of their problems and you don’t want that to be the bases of your relationship.   

This is basically a good month if you concentrate on your goals and keep clarifying what you can and cannot accomplish for now. Be prepared that the veil of love may disappear and leave you in a battle, but if you keep one foot on the ground when everything is wonderful, you’ll see it coming and it will pass. Love doesn’t have to be perfect to be love. Your life is always filled with change, so don’t ever get too comfortable, you learn by adjusting and that’s a skill. When you find your anchor you’ll be able to do it all: take a risk or act with caution, be loving or cold, free or co-dependent, use them all at the right time and for the right reason and your life will be filled with excitement, discovery and joy. This month you’ll experience the best of both extremes. Learn from it all because your life will always be filled with challenges – it’s the way you like it.  

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