December Horoscope for Taurus

 (April 20th  – May 20th)

This month Taureans are asked to settle their debts and clear the slate for a new path, yes a new beginning. With the Full Moon in their 2nd and 8th houses they’re ready to transform their lives and do things in a way that brings them an optimum reward. All it takes is self-discipline and the ability to say no to yourself as well as others. When you can learn the simple lessons of life, then achieving what you want is no longer a mystery.

Taurus rules desire; those silent yearnings that live inside of you have more power than you realize. They are magnets that attract both support and of course, whatever you are yearning for. Desire is the bases of motivation, it gets you going and moving toward your goals. If you have given up on desire because you don’t have faith that you can have what you want, or if your self-worth is at an all time low, then this is the way to rejuvenate yourself – start longing for something. Of course you should come from a place of gratitude for whatever you already have, it’s the best foundation for achieving anything. The key to life is the balance of opposites, when you can blend thankfulness with desire, then you will attract what you need to succeed. Unlike the previous sign of Aries that reach out to life and pursue what they want, Taureans are able to attract what they need to them. When desire is surrounded by love, it becomes a magnet. Love is the glue of the universe and the more you have, the more you get. So start paying attention to your heart’s ability to ask for what it needs. There is no more powerful force in the world than the heart, so take care of yours and listen to it.

With the Full Moon on the 3rd in your 2nd and 8th houses, the issue of giving and receiving becomes center stage.  How much intimacy are you capable of handling? The Full Moon is about balancing the give and take of intimacy – the giving and receiving of pleasure. Are you more interested in control and power than love? Since the 8th house deals with financial issues, it is also a good time to settle any debts. You may be considering a purchase that would require a large amount of cash, so think things through and use this time to sort out your money issues.

The first eight days of December can be volatile. With Uranus opposite Mars, everyone is on edge and it won’t be difficult to get into a fight. Don’t go there, you could do more damage and only because you want to let off steam. No one else is responsible for your dilemmas except you. Life is determined by the choices you make, the thoughts you believe in, and the strength you find to do the right thing. As a Taurus you need a set of values to live by. If you change them to accommodate what you want, then they are not values. Values provide inner limitations – they’re not the rule of the land, but they are the rules you have chosen to embrace because you see their wisdom. If you haven’t spent any time thinking about what is right and wrong and where your limits are, then take the time now and determine the ideals that inspire and support you. When you have these invisible structures in place, you’re ready for life and all its challenges.

Jupiter has been in Scorpio for almost two months and it’s transiting your 7th house of relationships. Relationships should flourish and expand. Support is all around you, but you have to honor your partner and not take him or her for granted. When others make sacrifices, acknowledge their effort and it will continue to be a source of strength. For most of the month Jupiter makes a trine to Neptune. Idealism is high and you’re being tested. If you appreciate the luck that has come your way, the gifts will keep on giving. Misuse them and they will disappear. Remember, you are the builder of your world, no one else. You alone determine your destiny, so take responsibility for where you are and set your goals as to where you want to be. If you do it with love you’ll get there.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 3rd and direct on the 23rd and it does so in the sign of Sagittarius. Since the retrograde begins at the last degree – the place of great wisdom -- you are being asked to evaluate your ability to make good decisions. Learn to be honest with yourself, even if you lie to everyone else. When you deceive yourself, you end up being the victim of your own illusions. With your eighth house emphasized joint finances come to the fore. It’s important to get your investments and savings in order. This is also the house of transformation and it’s asking you to figure out what needs to be changed for you to advance. What lures you off your path? What stops you from achieving your goals? You, and everyone else in the universe has a way of sabotaging success. It’s important to identify the fears that keep you from advancing. If you never conquer these fears or at least face them, you will be stopped at the same crossroad every time.

December 20th Saturn leaves Sagittarius and enters it’s own sign – Capricorn. It will reside for 2 1\2 years in this earth sign, the ruler of your 9th house of legal matters, beliefs, education and foreign travel. It’s time to make your peace with these issues. Saturn is tough; it doesn’t let you off the hook easily. So it’s important for you to pay attention to where you are the end of December and the beginning of January. You need new boundaries, new rules to live by. When they support you in a way that you can grow and advance, then they are good and you will become strong. If they allow you to do whatever you want, regardless of the consequences, then you will reap the results of your actions full force. So don’t take this lightly, Saturn is not a funny guy. There is no humor in it’s approach to life, but it does reward those who take a risk for the right reasons, those who are not afraid to do the work and get the job done.

This is a holiday month and I wish you all the best that life can bring. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really desire and find the courage to pursue your dreams by taking a risk for the right reasons. Happy holidays and a joyous New Year. 


Taurus Horoscope - Linda Joyce