October Horoscope for Taurus

 (April 20th  – May 20th)


Change, opportunity and passion are on the calendar and lead you toward a new vision of yourself and what you want. Relationships give you both support and demands, but it helps you see what you need to be happy. If you don’t know what to do, just put one foot in front of the other; clarity is on the way.

Taurus is both inspired and challenged this month with the Venus \ Mars conjunction. Together these two planets impassion the soul and help it overcome the obstacles it must face to move closer to its goals. When life is too easy, nothing is learned -- support and opportunity are taken for granted. The environment this month will not stand for anything less than commitment and hard work; do the job and you’ll get the results. Not a bad deal. And when you have achieved an important part of your goals, you’ll feel empowered from within and that makes you less vulnerable to being seduced by simple pleasure, the Achilles Heel of the Taurus.  

This last year has cleared away old desires and beliefs and left an opening for something new. Suddenly what has been overlooked now has value. It may be a life style, a different slant or expression of your talent, a deeper understanding of what you need in a partner, or the realization that you want a partner. If you were part of the hurricane disasters in the U.S. then you’re rebuilding your life and what’s important has been narrowed down to essentials. Whatever the shift, the path is clear and you are passionate about achieving it. Most Taurus are either too rigid or they lack discipline. Success and happiness require both a flexibility to make the adjustments necessary to move forward in life and the self-discipline to get passed the obstacles and challenges that need to be faced. The path you must follow demands a little of each – you’re about to learn balance.  

The Full Moon on October 5th activates your 6th and 12th houses: work and the dream. You need both to make things happen. Gifted with a shot of extra authority, you feel empowered early in the month and it gives you herculean strength to move forward. You’re feeling empowered, because the universe has set you up to have no choice; all your previous objections or interferences don’t carry any weight.   No more playing games -- it’s all about getting things done. Your mission is to slow down and take the turtle’s path of one sure step at a time. No more empty promises or distractions, you need only what is real. The clarity you receive will help you the rest of your life.

The Moon and Uranus in your 12th house keeps you on your toes. Your instincts are strong, so listen to them. Nothing you’ve planned will happen exactly the way you expected. So be ready to adjust on a moments notice. You do like excitement and you’ll get it. The good news is the surprises that are coming your way are in your favor. The universe knows how to get things done better than you do. This is where being a flexible Taurus works.

Saturn in Sagittarius can be a good friend and this month that’s its mission. The trine to the Moon and Uranus provides a stabilizing factor to this always-changing, often erratic energy. It brings wisdom, experience and help to steady you on your path. Your goals get advanced and you find the support you need to keep going. Saturn in square to Mars and Venus in Virgo is also a blessing. Mars and Venus enhance each other’s sense of impatience and eagerness to fulfill personal desires. Saturn slows the process down, creating a few obstacles or reasons not to advance so quickly. When you slow the pace, reason enters the picture and it adds practicality to the Taurus instinct.

The Venus Mars conjunction is strong the first two weeks of the month partly because of the opposition from Neptune. Neptune is a difficult planet to use properly; accessing its benefits requires balance, the balance of hope and reality, of faith and wisdom from experience. It has nothing to do with the mind and everything to do with your spirit and the confidence you have in yourself. Too much fantasy or illusions will keep you from manifesting your ideas, too much reality and you focus on the problems not overcoming them. This month the zap from Neptune inspires you to put your yearnings and dreams into action. It’s time to stop wasting time and energy and get things done. Friends will be both helpful and a disappointment. By the end of the month you’ll know whom you can count on and for what.  This is important information for the future.

Pluto is another one of those planets that can be very helpful or hurtful depending on the aspect and how open you are to personal growth. On the 5th and 6th of this month it squares the Moon and trines the Mars Venus conjunction for the first two weeks of the month. The square to the Moon may leave you emotionally raw and feeling overexposed. Before you put a band aide over your wounds, look inside. See your truth and use it to serve you. That means if you need love, give it to someone with your heart. If you need a friend, be one, if you need support -- provide it and your life will change. Pluto excavates the truth out of the basement and brings it to the light.  Its trine to Venus and Mars gives you power and a greater sense of authority. The confidence you gain is exactly what you need to make things happen. 

Pluto in general rules your house of relationships. If you’re in one, then this will be a time to face the issues that are blocking greater intimacy. Don’t be quick to judge; don’t burry the truth. If you’re at fault just say you’re sorry. You can come together by working together, by sharing the same goals and vision of life. If you’re single, then be ready to be hit by cupid’s arrow. Pluto never does anything lightly; it goes for obsessive passion. I can’t guarantee that it will work out, but you will feel awakened by the forces of desire and that’s exhilarating. Risk will not be a debate you’ll take it. When you really want something it propels you past your fear and into the unknown. 

Get ready for Jupiter to enhance your house of relationships. It leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on October 11th..  Jupiter rules abundance, expansion and support and your relationship will get it, which means you will receive the benefit of their advancement. Their renewed strength in themselves helps you feel more certain about the relationship and your part in it. Suddenly freedom and commitment are no longer in conflict – you just have more faith in yourself. With Scorpio ruling your 7th you are attracted to those who are tough and able to walk away, rather than someone who will nurture your fears and insecurities no matter what you do. They demand you be strong and there’s a piece of you that knows it’s exactly what you need to become the person you were meant to be. If you’re not in a relationship you may not feel ready to have one. Jupiter is still opposing Uranus and that’s all about freedom. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the person you meet and don’t worry about where it’s going. Now is not the time to work that out.

The New Moon on the 19th brings all the different factions together. Uranus now opposes the Sun, Moon Jupiter and Mercury. This creates unexpected work, ideas, opportunities and just a non-ending stream of change. If nothing is changing on the outside, then you’re changing on the inside. You’re seeing yourself and others in a new light. As your focus diverts your energy toward new talents and dreams, you see a new world and feel more in charge. The clarity you were given this month is a gift of the gods.



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