October Horoscope for Scorpio

 (October 23rd - November 21st)


With Jupiter in your sign after October 11th, your world opens up. Opportunity and expansion presents itself. Finances improve, relationships are challenged, but most important you feel confident and that helps you in every aspect of your life.  

In Scorpio, a line is drawn between the truth and the lie. As the ruler of death and transformation, it has learned not to trust what is said or seen, but to look beneath the surface into the shadow. There lies the motivation, the purpose and the inspiration that determines all our actions. Scorpios are natural psychologist; they’re fascinated with events that shape a life. Once you understand the power of love and its absence, the quest for power and its ability to build or destroy then you you have a soul that plays with the divine forces. To do so without peril requires confidence that comes from being centered in one’s truth and that truth is a combination of heaven and earth, of faith and reality. Get the mix right and you have a magic wand, get it wrong and you’ll find yourself on a destructive path because the elements you’ve chosen to play with can not be controlled by you.

Scorpio navigates the shadow by choice. It realizes that this is a place rich with information, knowledge and opportunity. What others discard or ignore is the next trend, the new idea or the place of possibilities. These souls don’t follow the crowd, they listen to their gut, their inner voice, and that voice comes from above. Call them psychic or intuitive, but they know the truth when they hear it. 

The Full Moon on October 5th awakens your 6th and 12th houses (service and the unknown). The “aha” moment is more about being fed up, than it is about enlightenment. You’ve finally reached your limit when it comes to a person or a repetitive pattern. No more giving to people who take advantage of your generosity, no more crazy diets, just good food, no more emotional dependency you’re totally capable of being on your own. The Sun rules your house of career and so you may find yourself in a work related crisis. If you work for someone else they may expect you to take on more responsibility. If you’re on your own, you may find it difficult to get the job done – others are complaining and want more. Wherever you have stretched yourself to the limit, this is where you must learn the word “no”. Strong people can hold out longer than they should, because they can. Strength can be used as much for the wrong reason as the right one. With the Sun in the 12th house you may need more time alone. Give it to yourself. This allows you to reconnect with yourself and see the bigger picture. Very important now.  

The Mars and Venus conjunction in Virgo in your 11th house of friends creates a sense of impatience, passion and a willingness to take a risk. The square to Saturn means this risk could be expensive, so do slow down and think things through. Pluto helps out by giving you new choices and paths to take to reach your goals. Don’t be surprised if you take a road trip, or work on a project that ignites new ideas and opens doors you would have never thought to walk through. Whatever your experience, don’t judge it by immediate rewards. The gifts of your actions now won’t be felt for some time in the future.

Saturn squares the Venus Mars conjunction and trines Uranus. You won’t want to listen to reason, because you feel strongly about whatever you have decided to do. However, it will work in your favor if you can take the experience and translate it into information. Uranus is new ideas and it lights the way where once there was darkness. And we know you’re attracted to the darkness because you’re bringing it your light. And that’s the true purpose of a Scorpio, to take it’s light where there is none. To go where others avoid and reach out to those without a voice and change their world. From this point on, the journey is not just about oneself, it’s about sharing, helping, or making a difference.

Relationships are never easy for a Scorpio. Both co-dependent and very independent they send out mixed messages. What they need is an equal partner and when they find one everything falls into place. With Taurus ruling your 7th house, you may mistake love for innocence, which is something you value. You lost yours early in life, due to circumstances beyond your control. Those experiences have given you the key to survival, but simple, pure love is what turns you on. If you’re in a relationship then this month will be passionate and rewarding in spite of the disagreements and problems that come between you. Scorpio only pays attention to intensity and passion, so in your book this month is a winner. If you’re single you’ll meet someone who ignites your flame and once the fire is roaring your whole world comes alive. Success in love is not as important as being in love, so you’ll enjoy this month no matter what the results.   

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11th and your confidence returns. You know it’s going to be a good year. Jupiter brings expansion, opportunity and abundance. Your mission is to receive and let go of the control. As your confidence level rises so does your success. Jupiter rules your 2nd house of money. You could get a raise, make an investment that pays off, or put your money in a project that will eventually bring you success. Opportunity is everywhere now, just open your eyes and ask for what you want. When Jupiter leaves Scorpio in a year, it will move into your house of finance so you really have two good years ahead. Of course, you’ve got to be able to take an opportunity and turn it into a win. The universe doesn’t do all the work. It gives you a taste, it sparks an idea, but you have to grasp it and commit to making it happen. Never forget you are in charge of your life and only you can make it work.

The New Moon on the 19th sets off your 12th house (the unknown). You may find yourself on the precipice of something new. Most Scorpio’s seek out a challenge or the unknown because when they have to rely on their instinct they feel alive. They’re great in a crisis; when no one else has the answers. If you’re afraid of taking a risk, then your self-worth needs some work. You also need to put yourself out into the world and experience life when the safety valve is not on. Scorpio rules survival and they gain strength by facing the fire, and coping with the impossible. Chances are you did all of that in your childhood. Just take that knowledge and experience and get paid for it, then your early struggles will not have been for nothing.




Scorpio Horoscope by Linda Joyce