December Horoscope for Scorpio

 (October 23rd - November 21st)


Your career and finances are center stage and you’re expanding. It’s time to trust yourself enough to let go of the control and seize the moment. Rise above your fears and embrace your dreams. Relationships are challenging the first two weeks. If you’re not in one, stay single a little longer; in a very short time you’ll be clear on what you need to be happy.

Scorpio is opposite Taurus, the ruler of desire and passion. Opposites are connected; they just express the other side of a shared issue. In Taurus, desire is young and there is a need to explore and play with whatever one is experiencing. In Scorpio, passion and desire are serious business. They know the importance of harnessing this energy so it can be used as a source of power. When you help others achieve their dreams, you gain their loyalty and trust. The danger comes when your intentions are not pure and you’re looking to use your influence solely for your own advantage. The Scorpio challenge is never to seek power for it’s own sake, but to use your ideals to uplift yourself and others. The sign of Scorpio is the beginning of the soul finding it’s higher purpose through serving a greater good. When you connect to your higher self you become an instrument of change and discover what real power is like. If that path doesn’t interest you, then you may get lost in the quest for money and power and lose your chance to find real and lasting happiness.

The Full Moon on the 3rd occurs in your 8th and 2nd houses. Money and finances are highlighted as well as the need to find greater power through self-discipline. This is the time to settle any outstanding debts and organize your finances. Answers are easier to see when you rise above the issue and look at the bigger picture. What desires have power over you? If you can’t say no when it’s important, then desire leads you down a dangerous road. Self-restraint is a Scorpio quality that others envy. This fixed water sign has the ability to cut out what no longer serves it. Although others will both admire and judge you for it, your ability to streamline your life by getting rid of whatever is not useful is your mission. Your ability to walk alone and solve your own problems gets you through difficulties faster than others.  And when you don’t need anyone, everyone suddenly needs you.  

Your career is about to expand, grow or change. You’ve been given the gift of Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, which is in trine to Jupiter and square your Sun – the ruler of your 10th house of career. You need to open up and that’s not easy for you – you’re afraid of losing the control. When you expand, you have to trust yourself and know that you’ll soon master the new territory once you learn the ropes. The planets are with you now so go for the raise, believe in yourself or take a calculated risk to achieve your goals. If you’re good at listening to your instincts you’ll find a way to get through the obstacles on your path. Scorpios only trust their own answers; they dislike having to listen to the wisdom of others unless they truly respect you.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 3rd and direct on the 23rd. It happens at the end of Sagittarius. Communication will take on a serious note because Saturn is there and influencing the moment. So use the moment to see what doesn’t work so you can change things. Once things are clear don’t wait to get your projects done. Right now Saturn’s energy will help you complete these tasks. If you wait it may take you longer to finish once you have begun. Saturn leaves Sagittarius on the 20th of December and moves into Capricorn, the sign that rules ideas and communication. This change shifts your focus. A sibling may become more important than usual. How you express yourself will certainly be an issue. Perhaps you have gained a position of greater importance and others are hanging on your every word. It’s not easy to be scrutinized or judged for what you say, but get used to it. Saturn will remain in Capricorn for two and a half years.  

Relationships are evolving; they have to. You and your partner feel the push to get beyond your comfort zone. Saturn in opposition to Mars is not easy energy to manage. For the first nine days of the month you’ll feel frustrated, even angry. So don’t try to resolve or tackle a problem until after that date. If you feel overwhelmed by anxiety throw yourself into something physical: go to the gym, take the stairs instead of the elevator or go for a run. The more you push yourself physically, the better you will feel. If you’re single, be careful of getting too intertwined in a relationship, if it’s good, you can take the next step after the first of the year. With Uranus ready to leave Aries and enter your 7th house of partnerships, you’re going to be attracted to different qualities in a partner. You’ve been changing for some time and now you see what has shifted. Everyone needs to grow and a Scorpio often transforms every few years. Whatever the challenge you are presented with, you can handle it. Stay focused and nothing will interfere with your holiday spirit. I wish you a joyous holiday and a Happy New Year.






Scorpio Horoscope by Linda Joyce