December Horoscope for Sagittarius

(November 22nd – December 21st


Your focus is relationships and moving beyond the issues of your past that held you back. An honest discussion with the person you care about can put everything back on track. Remember understanding is more important than fixing things. Yes, your expectations are high, but that’s not a problem unless you’re out of the realm of reality. Keep your feet on the ground and all will be well.  

As a Sagittarius you know that your source of power lies in your heart and not in what others think and do. Thus, being alone is part of your journey; it’s how you learn who you are and where you’re going. The more you pursue what makes you unique, the more you threaten others. Not everyone will understand you, so gain confidence in your point of view – it’s the fastest way to get others to pay attention. The hardest thing in the world is to stay loyal to ones own vision and heart especially when it lies outside the norm. It’s up to you to honor that sense of specialness and believe in yourself. When you do the path reveals itself and confusion disappears. You are born with the ability to persevere and a desire to travel and experience a life that is different than what you were born into.  As a seeker, you want the truth and when you find it, you’ll use it to shape your life and help change the world.

Relationships are center stage this month with the Full Moon in your 7th and 1st houses. Whatever loneliness you have faced in the past, you suddenly are able to rise above it. You’re experienced enough to realize that no one can fill the gap inside except you. Having made peace with yourself opens you up to meeting the right partner. Wherever you are on the romantic rollercoaster, don’t choose the first nine days to sort out your problems. With Mars in opposition to Uranus, you will feel anger and frustration, two emotions that have never been good at resolving issues. And that goes for you single souls too. Be aware of your frustration level and don’t let others use you as their scapegoat. Stand up for yourself and aim to have a good time. The right relationship is on the way.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 3rd to the 23rd in Sagittarius. This happens in your 1st house. It’s all about you and what you suddenly see differently. Don’t dismiss your new insights; they’re the path to change. With Saturn conjunct Mercury conversations are serious. The Saturn energy wants to take you deeper into your heart and bring up all the truths you once felt you had to hide. It’s good to give them some light. Don’t be surprised if people from your past return. And of course, try not to sign any contracts until Mercury goes direct. If you have to, don’t worry about it. You may not have all the information you need, but you do have instincts -- so trust your gut.

On December 20th Saturn moves out of Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, the ruler of your 2nd house of finance. You are finally free of the taskmaster when it comes to personal transformation. Hopefully you’ve paid attention to all the lessons it has revealed. Now it’s time to focus on your finances and investments. No more spending crazy money, put it away for your future. If money is not the issue, then what is? Have you changed your values? It does happen you know. As you gain experience and knowledge everything shifts, we just don’t always pay attention to it. It would not surprise me if you found new ways of making money. Whatever changes arise, don’t fight them – it’s all being done for your benefit. Yes, security is important. You need to feel safe, before you take risks. When you feel threatened you shrink and avoid the unknown. So listen to Saturn and correct what’s not working. If you do, it’s journey’s through your 2nd house will be an enjoyable experience.

With Neptune in trine to Jupiter for most of the month your expectations are high. You may place greater demands on yourself to be perfect and that can be stressful and certainly unnecessary. Don’t be surprised if you’re the center of attention, something you both desire and dislike. It’s meant to be, so hold your head high and just be yourself. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Your soul gains strength when you have faith that you deserve all the good things life has to offer. The more self-worth you have the easier it will be to attract success. Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year.

Sagittarius Horoscope by Linda Joyce