August Horoscope for Sagittarius

(November 22nd – December 21st


Sagittarius rules wisdom, knowledge, legal matters and travel for starters. They are attracted to the impossible, to do what’s never been done, not for the sake of fame or fortune, but for its ability to lift their consciousness by uniting mind, body and spirit, even if its for a moment. This experience is usually limited to a crisis, when in order to survive you do what needs to be done: you face the angry mother bear, you battle the thief, you win the gold medal because you refuse to give up no matter how exhausted you are. We are all so much more than we believe we are, and it is in these moments that we touch our godliness and reunite with heaven and all its possibilities. A Sadge seeks out worthy opponents, they are attracted to what is complex and difficult, because they’re looking for their high, their chance to transcend the moment. 

The fastest way to advance is by surrounding yourself with excellence. Energy has a way of resonating with its environment. You become what you interact with; it’s just osmosis. As you demand more, you achieve more; your old limits disappear and the bar is raised. Then the process begins all over again until there is no more bar to be raised. When that happens you are facing a virgin forest, a place that no one before you has ever gone. This is the moment the Sadge has been waiting for, a time when success depends on all that they are – this is their moment. 

The eclipse on August 7th will offer all Sagittarians a chance to push the boundaries of their lives and expand their sphere of possibilities. Something new is entering your life and it will challenge you in new and exciting ways. Perhaps your job demands you learn new skills, or you’ll be based in a foreign country and have to learn new ways of interacting and living. We could keep it simple and say you might take a class, or go back to school and learn a new trade. Whenever you enter the unknown, this is where you grow. Instead of being fearful, embrace the challenge and watch what you thought was scary become just another part of who you are.

A Sadge loves to travel, and with the Sun and Mars in the 9th house, you may be doing exactly that during the month of August. This fire sign loves to be in strange lands, differences turn them on. Cultures or religions that are not familiar, draw them to their shores. If it’s too comfortable, they’re not happy; they love having to adjust their thoughts and ideas which demands they see themselves and the world differently. It’s how one gains a greater perspective of life. Challenge yourself, don’t play it safe, and you will see the results.. I remember the first time I read a chart in China; I was worried I wouldn’t be able to reach my client. I was concerned that our cultural differences would be a problem.  I quickly learned how alike we all are. Deep down we all share the same dreams and desires, we all have the same yearnings for love and adventure, we just express them differently.

With Mercury opposite Neptune this month, you yearn for fulfillment, even though you may interpret your anxiety as a need for greater success. If you’ve ignored your spirit it’s deprived and trying to get your attention. Success makes your life easier, it doesn’t guarantee happiness. Happiness comes from doing what you love, reaching for the unknown, learning new things that inspire your soul. If you are filled with divine discontent, then its time you stopped and reassessed your life. What is missing? Are you stuck in an old pattern that has never really worked, because you don’t know how to change it? If you decide to listen, the path will be shown. 

Jupiter is square Pluto this month and since Pluto resides in your 2nd house of finance you may want to look at your investments or start a budget so you can feel more in charge of your spending. You are usually cautious, since Capricorn rules the 2nd house, but you do have those moments when spending is what you do to feel special. Don’t go there now or you’ll overdo and regret it later.  

There is something magical about the Sun and Mars conjunct in fire, and it’s happening in your 9th house – the Sadge house of travel, philosophy and higher education. Knowledge is power, and a Sadge knows that they will be judged in some way by how smart they are or what they’ve accomplished. This is your chance to expand your wisdom, not just your experience. It’s easy to believe that the accumulation of facts is what makes you smart, it’s not, it’s your understanding of how things work. Your sign is really about wisdom and wisdom is about understanding a truth that can be applied in so many different ways. Truth is not black and white. You have to understand what you’re talking about. When you have wisdom you add mystery to your aura, you give yourself something that makes you stand out. You’ve earned what you know, so no one can take it from you. . . now that’s power.

Saturn is trine the Sun, Moon and Mars around the New Moon on August 21st. What you gain now will not be an empty promise. It’s a reward for past effort. Saturn has been in your sign for over two years and it will leave in mid-December. I’m sure it hasn’t been an easy journey, but you should start feeling the rewards of your struggle. Saturn makes you work for its gifts, but what you receive no one can take from you – you’ve earned it. So this New Moon should be a good experience and with it comes change.  You may get a promotion at work, or more authority over what you are doing. With Uranus in trine to the Sun, Moon and Mars you are reshaping your boundaries and as well as your expectations. It’s a shift in consciousness. Most of our greatest lessons come from our mistakes, not from our victories. So don’t be afraid to look at them and see them as a gift. Now you know what doesn’t work. By next year Saturn will be out of your sign and into your 2nd house of finance. It will then be a great time to concentrate on how you earn, spend and save your money. So be forewarned.

The month of August begins with Venus trine Neptune and it ends with a square to Jupiter and Uranus and an opposition to Pluto. Love begins well, but does not end on the same note. If you’re in a good relationship this won’t affect it. The dreamy state may lead to disappointment but it’s not anything you can’t handle. The way to deal with this is to speak up. Share how you feel and work it out. If it’s a new relationship, then the idealism of the first date can turn into “What was I thinking?”  Don’t get upset; just get better at reading the signs. I truly believe that who you are is revealed in all that you do, just don’t dismiss the things you don’t want to see.

All in all it’s a great month for making positive changes and reaping the rewards of hard work. Give yourself a pat on the back and take a vacation. It’s a great way to reconnect to the deepest part of you, the part no one sees but you. 

Sagittarius Horoscope by Linda Joyce