October Horoscope for Pisces

  (February 19th – March 20th)


Your issues this month are focused on intimacy, finances and control. To get the most out of the opportunities before you, you need to let go and trust that you can handle anything that comes your way. Life has to take some twists and turns then when things settle down you’ll have your chance to organize the chaos.

Spirituality for a Pisces is not a choice -- it’s a necessity. In order to be happy they need to feel connected to nature, to the soul of someone else, or to the life force that binds us all together. When they feel connected, they hold the magic wand and are able to manifest whatever lies in their heart. If they’re not connected, they feel cut off and lonely. Faith is the key to confidence and one’s ability to create. You don’t have to believe in a God or a religion, but you have to believe in something or someone – preferably yourself. It is that belief that will manifest your purpose and show you the way to your destiny. 

The Pisces talent is their ability to loose themselves in a vision or an idea. When they do, they know it so well they can taste it and it will happens with ease. However, this talent has a negative side, Pisces are masters of escape, they know how to leave reality when it becomes too overwhelming. Of course, they can do it in a healthy way, through creative self-expression, fantasy or fighting for causes. Or they can take the negative route and escape through drugs or drink. This only happens when love is missing and reality is too challenging to embrace. When you love yourself you don’t need anyone to make you whole.

The Full Moon on October 5th brings the focus to issues of intimacy, power and control. How much emphasis have you put on worldly pleasures that don’t bring you any lasting satisfaction? What needs attention now is your relationships and your beliefs, the things that sustain you during challenging times. There is a give and take to intimacy; the ability to give and receive pleasure is essential if you are going to achieve happiness.  Most people are good at one or the other, but it is the balance of both that makes life rewarding.

With Pluto in square to the Sun and Moon it’s time to see what’s not working. Most souls who have issues with control, hate to receive, because they feel indebted to the person who gave the gift. The lesson is to just say thank you and move on? Or are you better at receiving and feel badly if you have to give to someone else? Perhaps you feel deprived no matter what you have, and when you give you feel empty. You’re just blocking the love. With Pluto square both the Sun and the Moon, you have a chance to discover your real needs and what will make you happy. Look at what’s not working and examine the situation, own your part of the problem and take note. Shift your point of view and open yourself up to change.

Saturn is strong this month with a trine to Uranus and the Moon. Don’t be surprised if you have changed your focus at work, or you find yourself looking ahead to something new. You want change. The key is to make a wise move not an impulsive one. Look at what’s working in your career and what’s not. What changes would you like to make? Is the issue more money? Perhaps you’re uncomfortable because your company has made some changes at the top.  As a Pisces, your constant state of flux makes you either comfortable with the ever changing world or you seek stability at all cost. Whatever you do don’t complain – make a choice. Either you adjust or move on but do remind yourself that nothing stays the same forever, especially today.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars in your 7th house of relationships makes your love life complex. If you are single, someone may be strongly attracted to you, perhaps obsessed and you’re not sure how you feel. It’s always nice to be appreciated, but if this person is not who you are looking for, don’t keep them on the hook. Set them free, if you want to be free. If you’re in a relationship, then your partner may be distracted and you could feel neglected or misunderstood. This is not about you even though the situation makes you feel insecure. They are just overly involved in a problem they don’t want to face. Give them time to work through their obsession and you’ll get them back one hundred per cent.

Jupiter enters Scorpio and your 9th house on October 11th. It is challenging your old beliefs that need some tweaking. When we change we seldom take the time to adjust the most important things in our life – our beliefs. Now is the time to see how far you’ve come and how different you are from let’s say a year ago. Accept the new you; it’s more open to new ideas, to taking a risk. You feel confident about yourself because some of your insecurities have been dealt with and you’re ready to move on and upward. This is a good time to take a class, read informative books or just expand your knowledge. Your mind is eager and ready to learn.

Pluto rules your 9th house of wisdom and it resides in your 11th house of friends. You learn a great deal by the people you hang out with. You’re attracted to those who have knowledge and depth. This month you’ll find your ideas challenged; listen to the opposition before you take a stand. Things work best when you understand your environment and the consequences of your actions. You are here to manipulate life and learn how to get it to give you what you want. To do that, you have to rise above the mundane and make wise choices. Pay attention to the consequences more than your ego and you’ll come out ahead.

The New Moon on the 19th puts an emphasis on the 8th house of transformation. It’s time to let go and become everything you have always wanted to be but never allowed yourself to embrace. Go for the gold. Don’t settle for anything less. And above all enjoy the challenge and the journey – then you can’t lose. Transformation doesn’t always happen suddenly, it usually comes one baby step at a time. However, for you it’s all about valuing yourself enough to position yourself in a way that gets others to pay attention. With Uranus opposite the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury, whatever happens is like turning on the light. Suddenly everything changes and makes sense. Trust it, embrace it and don’t be afraid  -- what lies ahead is your destiny.












Pisces Horoscope by Linda Joyce