December Horoscope for Pisces

  (February 19th – March 20th)

Home and career may be in a battle for your attention. Don’t ignore the conflict, find ways to compromise – something you’re not good at. A new friend is coming into your life to help you change yours. Creativity is off the wall. So if you have projects that need imagination, you’ll have more than enough to go around. Now that’s a gift of the gods.


Neptune, your ruler, has been gathering power for some time. Usually it moves around the heavens, creating confusion or consolidating faith, helping everyone understand what their reality truly is. However, it’s entry into it’s own sign of Pisces in 2012 gave it new importance. As a Pisces your mission is to stop escaping reality and face it. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge, so it’s important to see yourself clearly and to know your goals. Take charge of your life by stepping up to the helm of your ship. You’re the navigator and the captain; don’t you dare turn your power over to anyone else. When you take responsibility for your life, you discover wonderful things about yourself. Not only are you capable of being successful, but you have more talents than you realize. They’ve been hiding, waiting for you to be in charge. So listen to yourself; your instincts are strong and pay attention to your destiny -- it’s calling your name.

The Full Moon on the 3rd occurs in your 4th and 10th houses, home vs. career. If you’re married you may feel as if too much attention has been going to your work and your family is suffering. Stop making excuses and compromise. You are an all or nothing person and that’s a problem. Not all solutions reside in the extremes. If you stay imbalanced for too long it becomes your new reality and then you set yourself up for problems that once rooted become difficult to change. The good news is you have a lot going on in your career and a project you’ve been working on is about to be finished. Get ready to receive attention and a reward for your efforts. 

Mercury goes retrograde on the 3rd and direct on the 23rd.  Focus on finishing up the work you’ve already started and put off projects that are new. It’s a great time to clean up your desk and get your papers in order. Pay attention to your appointments -- they could be changed. And don’t be surprised if people from your past appear and reconnect. It happens all the time during a retrograde. Also do try and put off signing contracts until after the 23rd, but if it’s not possible don’t worry. Things happen the way they are supposed to.

On December 20th Saturn changes signs and moves into Capricorn. For a Pisces that’s the ruler of their house of friends. It’s been transiting your 10th house of career for the last two and a half years. Perhaps you’re already in a new job or you’ve changed what you do. Saturn at the top of a chart means you’ve done it all and it’s time to add something new to your work life. In a way you’re ready to give back, to share your knowledge and experience and to help others grow. Whichever way Saturn has affected your work life, change has occurred. With Saturn in your house of friends, don’t be surprised if you clean house and leave a few behind. The good news is you may have someone new come into your inner circle. This person will have a profound effect on your life. You’re going to get the support and stability you’ve always been looking for.

Neptune has been in your sign since 2012. The trine to Jupiter this month enhances your creativity and ignites a desire to travel or to experience something new. In fact, you may find your work takes you to a foreign country. The challenge of this aspect will be to keep your feet on the ground. Too much imagination and fantasy can get you into trouble, if you’re not using it creatively. Reality and fantasy are both important, but we need to know when and where to use them. When they’re balanced you feel empowered.

Relationships are challenging. Your partner, if you have one, may bring up an issue from the past that’s unresolved. You may have gotten away with not dealing with things for some time, but now you have to face the truth and the music. Teach yourself to deal with things as they arise. When you face them early they’re easier to manage. Listen to your partner even if you don’t agree and validate their feelings, then express your truth. That’s all you can do. If you’re single, you may get a call from a past relationship and it’s up to you to decide if you want to rekindle what once was. Remind yourself of why it didn’t work, and if you feel you can handle things differently now go ahead and give it a try.

The first week of this month will be frustrating for everyone: Mars is opposite Uranus and there is tension in the air. Get ready for some surprises in the world and in your life. Financially the market may go crazy, so pay attention to your investments if you have any. This is the season for fantasy and fun so don’t overspend, but do have a joyous holiday and a Happy New Year.




Pisces Horoscope by Linda Joyce