August Horoscope for Pisces

  (February 19th – March 20th)


Just like the symbol of Pisces: two fish together swimming in opposite directions, this water sign is in a constant state of flux. Never still, they are elusive to those of us without their understanding.  It’s impossible to control a Pisces, so don’t even try. They’re great at creating confusion and chaos, because what they’re connected to has nothing to do with the earth plane. They are the interpreters of the other side, a messenger of the gods who have taken pity on us mortals. Their challenge is to accept that they’re not like everyone else, and it doesn’t matter, in fact, it’s an advantage, if they know how to use it. The only way to secure a connection to a Pisces is through the heart and spirit. If you’re good at communicating without words, then you’ll be a hit with this water sign.

The key to power is faith, when you have it you also have a magic wand. Without faith its to easy to become a follower of someone else’s strong beliefs or a victim who doesn’t believe in anything. Without faith your inability to fit the image internally (you may be a beauty on the outside) leaves you always feeling left out and alone. The magic doesn’t exist because to evoke it you must believe you deserve it. The path to transformation is simply focusing on your own path and forgetting about what everyone else is doing, wearing, dating or achieving.  That’s just wasted energy.

To operate in this world you need a few things that go against your nature. First, boundaries are essential: besides the word “no” you have to add some physical structure to your life, nothing that will curb your creativity or your imagination, but guideposts and a routine would help. Accept you are a person of extremes and your ability to bypass limits and barriers allows you to enlighten us as to what’s on the other side, but then you’ve got to return to earth and function here and that requires limits and rules. It’s a small sacrifice for genius. We need your original thinking, your ability to be present regardless of appointments that you are already late for, we tolerate your inconsistencies because you offer us something unique. You’re an interpreter, you take the ethereal and make it understood. 

The Lunar Eclipse or Full Moon on August 7th occurs in your 6th house of work and health. So be careful you don’t get a fever or find yourself in bed because you didn’t know how to slow down. The Full Moon will bring up consequences, which by the way are very spiritual – what you do does come back to you. So pay attention. There is no escape. You want freedom; abide by the rules. If your issue is health, then it may be your diet. You could either be a health food guru or you eat anything that’s available. If you don’t worry about your heath then perhaps this is a wake-up call to get you on the right path. Work brings up the same issues. Is your schedule a mess? If it is, it’s time to call in the office organizer and let them help you figure out a system that will make your life easy. Your priorities are not worldly. You can be easily distracted by what fascinates you. It could be Einstein (he’s a Pisces) trying to figure out how time works by watching the trains go by, or it could be you engrossed in how a fly can escape your swatter every time you try to annihilate it. And while your mind is pulled into the mysteries of life, the world passes you by. How do you harness such curiosity and make it useful? You need a purpose. You need a goal. You need to take your greatest fascination and turn it into a career. Maybe it’s the ability to recognize the pain of others and offer support – life coaching or therapy awaits you. Being worldly is getting paid for what you do well.

Health issues are not just physical. Your body wants good food and exercise but your spirit also has some demands. It gets bored with a set schedule; it needs an occasional thrill, a leap into the unknown. It loves to explore and a small adventure can go a long way to making you feel satisfied. Take a different road to work, try a new restaurant, take a class on photography, even if it’s for your selfies—challenge your mind and your spirit together. It’s very easy to get caught up in what society declares important. You strive to make money and be successful, you hope you’re recognized for your work, but what about your spirit, what about your need to feel useful in the world. Your soul has a purpose and if you haven’t discovered what it is, then this Full Moon will reveal how empty life is without a deeper understanding of what motivates your spirit.  

With the Moon in the 12th house your dreams may be wild and interesting. Write them down and look up the symbolism. You’ll get a message. Its great to dream, but it is also wonderful to try and make them real. The Moon this month is trine Jupiter ruler of your 10th house of career, your emotions and insight can help you advance career wise. If you are in a creative profession, then this month should empower you and fill you with new ideas. Write them down, even if you think they’re out of your reach. In fact, whatever information comes to you during an eclipse take it seriously; it’s a message from the other side.

Saturn is a good friend this month. It’s been in your 10th house of career for over two years and will leave the sign by the end of the year. That is an indication that you are either changing directions in your job or changing your job. No you’re not going to get fired, but if you’ve been planning something different, or feeling bored with what you’re doing – you may be ready to make a change. Saturn also brings a reward for past efforts, so don’t be surprised if you get acknowledged or a promotion – it’s possible.

The New Moon on the 21st, is a great time to initiate change. Uranus is shaking up your Sun, Moon and Mars, and it wants things to change. As a master at handling chaos, you can often contribute to the confusion because it gives you an advantage. Don’t do that now, be clear on your goals and make them happen. And do have patience; some things take time to evolve. An Eclipse can affect your life for months after it occurs.

Love may be idealistic due to your ruler Neptune. It’s dancing with Mercury and Venus and reality is on another planet. Yes, you’re happy because reality is postponed for at least another month. If you’re in a relationship and it’s good, then enjoy the romance. Go away and enjoy a break from responsibility, even if its just for a night.  We forget how an evening out of our routine can rejuvenate our sprit and recharge our soul. If you’re learning about someone new, don’t be surprised if you discover something you didn’t expect. Eclipses are known to reveal secrets. You’re not always great at seeing the whole picture, just the part you want to. If you want to know if the relationship can last, ask yourself if you share the same values and vision of life. If the answer is yes, then proceed, but with caution.

When it comes to love, you’re attracted to a good communicator and someone organized; yes its partially because you’re not. If you’re the opposite and everything has its place or you go crazy, then be prepared to lose your heart to someone who doesn’t know where anything goes. The universe has a sense of humor, but more importantly, it wants us to be whole and that means balance. 

Pisces Horoscope by Linda Joyce