October Horoscope for Libra

 (September 23rd - October 22nd)


Driven by passion and a desire to create, Libra’s get closer to their life purpose. With the full Moon in their 1st and 7th houses, relationships will need their attention. Don’t try and make someone feel good; tell them the truth. Jupiter in Scorpio improves your finances and brings you either a raise or opportunities to make money.  

Libra is the sign of balance. Balance seems simple, but it’s not, it requires constant adjustment. Today you might not be able to give the same as yesterday and now others expect it – are you strong enough to keep yourself in balance by saying no? Can you disappoint others for your own needs?  And what about your truth, can you say what others don’t want to hear because it’s how you feel? The sign of peace seems to always be facing a possible war. The lesson a Libra must learn is that there is no love without truth – its just fantasy. Some people think they’ve solved the problem with selfishness, or selflessness, but denying one side of the spectrum only gets you into deeper trouble.

The Full Moon on October 5th puts your relationships center stage. Your partner may be going through some changes, or perhaps he or she has been inspired by an idea that throws everything else off center. Things will calm down, so don’t panic. Step back and let them work through their ideas. Don’t waste your time complaining, they’re looking for conflict because they’re living in it and you’ll just attract their anger. If you’re the one with the idea and desire to change, then have some empathy for your partner. Make sure you sit down and discuss it all. Communication is the key to happiness.

Since we’re talking about relationships, let’s discuss why you attract the people you do. If you’re too giving then what will balance you is a selfish person. If you’re the person with the ego then your heart will seek out someone on the passive side, and that doesn’t work because eventually you’ll be bored. The only way to ensure your happiness is to balance yourself. The Jupiter Uranus opposition from your 1st to the 7th house indicates that you will error on the side of independence. You are tired of being tied down by expectations and responsibility. You’d love to feel, not just intellectually free, but free to do the things you love. What you love has to do with culture, art, creativity, truth, justice and service to a higher cause. There’s a yearning within you to make a difference. You want to change something and make the world a better place. Please do.  

Neptune in your 6th house of work and service affects how much you give and receive from others. Neptune does not have strong boundaries, so neither do you.  You don’t stand up for yourself and when there’s a problem you isolate yourself creating artificial boundaries – but that only makes you feel worse. The Venus Mars conjunction in Virgo opposite Neptune is all about passion, ideas and impatience. You feel inspired and on fire. Go for it, in spite of the obstacles. It’s a 6th \12th house dynamics, so it has to do with what you feel you can contribute to others. Remember, if you can improve your own life, then your life will be an example of change.   

When Saturn is out of sync nothing goes smoothly. This month it makes a square to Mars and Venus. Saturn’s mission is to set boundaries and get the job done. In this case, it doesn’t give in to your impatience, instead it slows things down. This forces you to look ahead and see the obstacles on your path. Saturn is the friend you love and curse because it always tells you the truth. Since Saturn is in your 3rd house, siblings could be an issue. A sister or brother can get in the way by trying to impose their beliefs on you. Listen with love and you’ll know what to do.

Pluto rules your 2nd house of money and values and this month demands you put your money behind your wishes and dreams. The square it makes to the Sun may bring disappointment when it comes to a friendship. So once again, if you want to move forward, you’re going to have to do it on your own. To really own your power you need to accept what makes you different. You need to share this unique side of yourself. People want others to confirm their choices by agreeing with them, but when you challenge them they grow.  

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11th and ends it’s stay in Libra.  Jupiter occupies a sign for one year and it brings support and expansion to that sign. It’s entry into Scorpio, the ruler of your 2nd house of money and values will bring opportunity and financial reward. Since it also deals with values, it may expand your concepts of right and wrong, and move you away from the judgments you’ve made in the past. Abundance can mean you receive money or spend it so watch out. Be careful you don’t ease the anxiety of your insecurities by going on a buying spree. That’s a quick fix that can lead you into debt. Whatever you do, money is good this month, so please use it wisely.  

Cancer rules your 10th house of career. You thrive in a community setting where you like the people you work for and you all support each other. If that’s not the case, you could find yourself isolated and alone. Your working environment is especially important to you, so make sure you make that a priority when you’re choosing a job -- it’s more important than the pay check. If you work with the wrong people you will be miserable. You need a job that allows you to fluctuate or move from one idea or project to another. You like your environment to stay the same, but you will crave variety and change in what you do.

The New Moon on October 19th brings the emphasis of all that is happening back to you. In this moment you are certainly the center of the universe and everything that is whirling around you is happening because of you. Your intuition is powerful during this time, and if you have certain questions, don’t be afraid to ask for answers – you’ll get them. Uranus seems to be in opposition to four of the planets in Libra and early Scorpio, but Uranus is about a higher truth, one that sees the individual as connected to all things, one that longs for the respect of animals, nature and human beings. And so this is your moment of higher consciousness. Open yourself up and see what it is asking of you. 


Libra Horoscope by Linda Joyce