December Horoscope for Libra

 (September 23rd - October 22nd)

Don’t be surprised if you’re restless and want change and at the same time find yourself avoiding it. Life is full of contradictions. Finances are good, but then Jupiter works both ways: either you’ll earn more or spend more – it’s up to you. Your critical eye is about to be empowered, so don’t be surprised when your satisfaction level decreases because if it’s not working – you see it.  

Libra is a sign of leadership. Their challenge is to get beyond pleasing others and embrace their mission, which is to challenge others with a new and greater truth. This is not an easy undertaking. Most souls have a need to be accepted and the fear of losing attention makes them hesitate to challenge the status quo. They will learn the hard way that truth only improves the right relationship. If others oppose you, let them. It’s not your mission to agree. Most people are uncomfortable with differences. What they don’t realize is that being challenged makes them stronger. On the surface, truth has many faces, but basically we all want the same things: safety, love, respect and the fulfillment of our dreams. When we can have these things in an honest way, our life blossoms. When we repress our feelings and beliefs we slowly die inside.  

The Full Moon on the 3rd puts the emphasis on your 9th and 3rd houses. You’re restless and anxious to experience something new. Adventure is something that always intrigues you, but now it’s calling your name. Emotionally, you feel the need to break out of your routine and spread your wings. If you can’t get away soon, then do it through small changes. If you work at an office take a colleague to lunch at a new restaurant, explore a new route home or take a class and learn something new. You’ll meet new people and you’re learning – commit to movement that takes you out of your routine.

Mercury is retrograde from the 3rd to the 23rd in Sagittarius. For the first two weeks it will conjunct Saturn giving communication a serious nature. During this time your responsibilities increase.  Of course appointments will be changed and mistakes made, due to misinformation or a lack of attention that’s prevalent at this time, but ultimately things will get done. Don’t be surprised if friends from your past show up and surprise you – it’s a retrograde thing. And do be careful signing contracts; it’s not that you shouldn’t move forward, you just might not have all the information you need to make the best decisions.

On December 20th Saturn changes signs and enters Capricorn where it will be for 2 1\2 years. For a Libra, this means the fourth house of the home will be under scrutiny. If you’ve been planning to either update or make repairs this is the time to do it. Saturn will make it evident what’s not working – it has a critical eye and now you have one too. The 4th house also represents your core, the foundation of your life. With Saturn in the 4th, you’ll be a lot more discerning as you move forward. People and places that never bothered you may suddenly rub you the wrong way. There’s nothing wrong with you; you just see things differently now. Try not to be too judgmental, look at your observations as just that, information for you to pay attention to.

Relationships are not easy the first nine days of December. With Uranus opposite Mars, there is anger and frustration that could lead to arguments. Your partner may be feeling the strain of trying to adapt to the changes in his or her life and some adapt easier than others. Uranus is also making a wonderful trine to Saturn and Mercury. Most of the change is for the right reason, but that doesn’t mean its comfortable. Everyone gets nervous when they have to face the unknown. The more you can adapt, the more prepared you are to cope with life no matter what happens. So use this time to learn about yourself and realize you’re a lot stronger than you thought. 

Neptune is in Pisces and this month it makes a trine to Jupiter. Neptune is not an easy planet to manage under normal circumstances. It is based on faith and what you believe and when you don’t have an opinion it can take you up to the height of ecstasy and then drop you into despair. If this is you, realize that you can’t just respond to life, you have to hold on to your beliefs and have faith in them. When you do you don’t get bounced around.

Jupiter in Scorpio resides in your 2nd house of money and values. It’s not a secret that our values are being tested today, we see it in the political arena. So this is something you need to look at and embrace. Where do you draw the line? What do you believe is right and wrong? What you decide becomes the foundation of your character. Good character supports you and bad character will bring you down. Sure you may get away with something for a long time, but not forever. Libra is about truth and integrity, so it is essential to a Libra to develop it, in order to evolve safely into the next level of challenges. A strong Neptune helps you escape into the fantasy of the holidays. So enjoy it and I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday and a Happy New Year. 


Libra Horoscope by Linda Joyce