August Horoscope for Libra

 (September 23rd - October 22nd)


Although Libra is yang or male energy, it is often associated with art, culture, beauty and knowledge, all qualities that are associated with the feminine. The seventh house of Libra, is the turning point on the circle of life, here we are challenged to balance our opposites. We do this through a strong moral code, an understanding of what’s fair, and a struggle to keep our center, which is constantly in a state of flux. Libra enters when the leaves are falling from the trees, when life prepares to go inward, it’s time to focus on our inner being, our spirit, our values and our soul.  This is when character becomes the guiding light. The symbol of Libra is the scales of justice, the moral force that binds the world together. The goddess that is the symbol of Libra, has three attributes: a blindfolded, a balance and a sword. The blindfold is for impartiality, the idea that justice should not be applied based on wealth, power or status. The scales measure the weight of support and opposition and the sword indicates authority and the fact that justice can be swift and final.

Libra energy is easily mismanaged. The trap is getting caught in a need for harmony, rather than truth. Then truth is sacrificed for a momentary peace; eventually the truth is revealed, peace disappears, and the sacrifice is not appreciated. The challenging moment is only postponed, not avoided. The lesson is to take a stand for your truth and risk annoying those around you. The more you do, the more others will get to know the real you.

This is the sign of relationships, business or personal. What connects them is a contract – it’s an agreement that must be signed for all the world to see. In astrology, love affairs have their own house -- the 5th and it indicates your pleasures not your commitments. Marriage is part of your image, how the world sees you. You must be ready to merge your wealth, social connections and your image. It changes who you are; hopefully it will expand you and your world in a positive way. In the past marriage was seldom about love and personal fulfillment, it was about legacy and power. 

With the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th in your 5th and 11th houses, the focus this month is on friends, love affairs or just having a good time. Venus, in your 10th house of career, means your social calendar may enhance your career, making work and play almost the same thing. Your ego is strong and there is a need to be recognized; but the Sun and Mars conjunction is in your house of friends, and one or more of them may steal the limelight. Use this moment to expand your network, if that’s important to you. This is a great time to build up your following and add to your social media. The Moon will be in your 6th house of health and work. Be careful your desire to serve and please doesn’t dominate your own needs. Without boundaries, there is a tendency for excess. The Jupiter trine to the Moon makes you feel strong and power is available for yourself or others, take this opportunity to find balance. 

With Saturn in trine to your Sun, it’s time to finish a long-term project. It’s time to put the last touches on something you’ve enjoyed creating. Don’t hesitate to clean up the past and make room for the new. Mercury is retrograde from the 13th to September 5th, and the energy will help you accomplish this task. And this will include love. if you’ve been waiting to break up with someone, then now is when you’ll do it. You won’t be able to avoid the truth any longer.

Love is never far from a Libra’s heart, although as an air sign, their mind tends to rule. Venus trine Neptune will help you override the challenge to bring emotional issues into the realm of the intellect. If you’re married or in a long–term relationship, enjoy the idealism and fantasy offered you this month. Everyone needs an escape from responsibilities. Of course a vacation would fit right in and it’s the last month of summer. If you do decide to get away, pick a place where you can sit in a hammock and dream. The Neptune fog will soften the lines of disagreement in your life and make it easy for you to just relax and have a good time. If you’re single and looking for love, what you may get is romance. I can’t guarantee that it will turn into something more, but it could be fun. You’re starting to think about a commitment or something long term. Don’t be afraid to admit you want more of everything: fun, work and love. And when you release those desires to the universe they will begin to respond and fill your order.

Let’s get back to Mercury is retrograde and it’s ability to help you let go – your life challenge. Resentment that comes from silence is a danger to any relationship. Often that resentment is not even based on truth, just your interpretation of it. Perhaps your partner is not even aware of how you feel. Don’t expect that he or she can read your mind. Use this month to have a heart to heart chat with those close to you. Set the record straight on how you feel.

Freedom, what does it mean to you? I’m not talking about being able to take care of yourself? That’s not really the issue, but feeling emotionally strong without a partner, now that’s another thing all together. You have to feel you deserve love not need it. When you project need others run away. Love is meant to be shared; it heals our bodies and souls and it’s the glue that holds you together. But Libra is an air sign. It’s all about the mind and sometimes “being right.” If you’re stuck on having to prove your point, then you’ll be a terrible listener and if you don’t listen, you’ll always be surprised by what others do and feel. Freedom is the ability to be among others with all their expectations and stay true to yourself. It’s the ability to say no and yes, depending on what’s being asked. You are who you are and you don’t need anyone’s consent to be you. 

Libra Horoscope by Linda Joyce