August Horoscope for Leo

 (July 23rd  – August 22nd)


The fire of Leo is blazing strong this month and the ego is content. Getting attention is a given, when Mars is conjunct the Sun. Your intuition and insight comes in a flash, and when you listen, it keeps you ahead of the competition. You entered the world with wisdom, you saw very quickly that vulnerability is not rewarded, strength is. Your solution was a mask – a façade that shows your talents, charm and power, but everything else is reserved for a few chosen souls you trust. Add the gift of good looks and intelligence and you have a Leo that wears its mask with a bit of arrogance and a lot of confidence.

August is your birthday month and the stars are aligned to help you enjoy the occasion. Work and play bring satisfaction. Mercury at the end of Leo makes a nice trine to Saturn, so things happen without a lot of opposition, even though there could be some delays. Mercury is retrograde from the 13th to September 5th.  As we all know, Mercury Retrograde always causes some confusion. And yes, there’s one more possible problem. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion and wisdom is moving to square Pluto, so you may feel the need to exert your authority. Be careful, Pluto is not an easy opponent. It’s better to listen and understand than to create an enemy. Handle the situation with the truth. Take responsibility for whatever you were assigned to do, or whatever needed to get done, if you’re in charge, then the buck stops with you.

The Sun Mars in your sign this month turns you into a celebrity. Together these two fire planets have so much energy it’s impossible not to be drawn into their web.  Yes, for the next few weeks you’ve got a magic wand so ask for what you want. You’ll probably get it. Just don’t be impatient. Try and slow down, it will prevent you from overlooking what’s really important. It’s too easy to make a mistake when you’re on fast forward. And with Mercury Retrograde for most of the month, delays and mistakes are a given. If you can, postpone signing any contracts until Mercury goes direct. Use the time to finish old projects and to clear out your desk. Another option is to just take a vacation and deal with everything when you get back. You won’t have trouble relaxing if you’re on the beach sipping a mango daiquiri (my favorite).

The Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on August 7th is in your sign: the Leo Aquarius axis. This should trigger some major changes, maybe even shift your life direction. You’re ready it all; in fact you’ve been ready for some time. The trine from Uranus in Aries over the last six years has been stirring up the pot and making you aware of the shifts that are about to happen. As a fix sign, you don’t change all that easily, it takes awhile to get you to focus on a new path or even widen the playing field. It’s always difficult to take a leap into the unknown and the future, to take yourself out of your comfort zone and recreate a new sense of safety, but its necessary. Pay attention to the themes or the crisis that emerge around the 7th, these are the issues that need attention. Nurture them; embrace the new ideas even if they change what you once thought was perfect. It’s time to evolve. There is always a better way, a different choice for different times.

Relationships can cause you to question yourself. Perfectionism is a problem especially in this area because you feel you’re always right. It’s a Leo thing. Clarity is your gift and you want to share your wisdom, even if they’re not interested. Your desire is to help, but it’s not always seen that way. Everyone needs to learn through their victories and mistakes. You can’t prevent what happens or control the outcome. Your support and faith is more than enough.

Relationships help you understand that there’s more to learn about yourself. Life is not just about success and knowing where you going. Do you really know what attracts you to another person? Well, it has something to do with a certain kookiness, a confidence to be oneself and not fit in. You love uniqueness – not carbon copies – it has to do with your fear of not fitting in.  For the last six years you’ve been slowly changing what turns you on. Blame it on Uranus and when it leaves Aries (May 15, 2018) after seven years you could actually settle down, or meet someone from Mars (based on who you’ve been dating) or you’ll break up a relationship that’s been going on forever. Your eye is drawn to independence; someone who enjoys expressing what sets them apart. In fact, they often take their passion out into the world and fight for the rights of others. With the Full Moon on August 7th, placing the Moon in Aquarius, there is no way you won’t express some hidden part of yourself and then wonder why it took you so long. 

Fantasy rules this month so embrace love with a caution. Unless, of course, you’re in a tried and true relationship, then it’s time for a little romance. The veil of Neptune surrounds love and keeps you either in the clouds wishing for your dream mate, or it places you in the pits, because you think love will never happen. Since the Neptune aspects have good aspects, my guess is you’re hoping for the best. To add intensity to the moment, Venus, ruler of love, moves into Cancer on August 1st. In Cancer, feelings are strong but silent. Add the trine from Neptune and the unspoken is what this month is all about. You probably would prefer to hear how much you are desired, but this month you’ll have to put away your insecurities and rely on instinct. Trust them, and know you really can’t make a mistake; the signals are clear. So if you’re married, plan a romantic get-away, if you’ve just met someone, realize you’re in the first stage of love and you won’t know who this person really is for awhile. Yes, patience is required.

I’ve saved the best for last. As a Leo your career is extremely important to you and the eclipse on the 7th knocks it out of the park. The good news is Taurus rules your 10th house of career, and Taurus is the luckiest sign in the zodiac. To set the magic free, you’ve got to do the work you love. When you do, mistakes are forgiven and the work doesn’t seem like work at all. Love has a way of making the worst jobs seem easy. Now flip the coin; if you’re working for a paycheck, you’ll feel the dissatisfaction more intensely now. Pay attention to your discontent and begin the process of uprooting yourself from what you think is security. You are probably afraid of making a change, but taking the right risks for the right reasons feeds your spirit and makes you feel alive.

The New Moon on August 23rd brings you unity and a chance to see where you’re going. It’s also a great time to make a wish. This New Moon engages the Sun and Mars and together they align with Saturn – what great energy for getting any job done – creative or financial. With this aspect success will be yours whatever your choice.  Venus square Jupiter and sextile the Moon indicates you need to be careful you don’t ignore love because you’re obsessed with work. It only takes a few words and a thoughtful gesture to make someone feel special.  If you’re on vacation then all these factors work in your favor – when you overdo  -- it will be to have a good time.


Leo Horoscope by Linda Joyce