October Horoscope for Gemini

 (May 21st  - June 20th)

You’ve reached the end of the road when it comes to worrying about what others think. This is the beginning of your freedom. Taking this step will get you in touch with your true power. Your career is going well. Don’t even hesitate when you’re asked to take a leap of faith. It will change your life.

There is a moment in a person’s life when the yearning to just be overrides all other emotions. Gone is the desire to worry about what others think, how you will be received or even liked – you just want to be you. This deep yearning for freedom of expression, even if it requires selfishness, is very strong. Listen to it. As a Gemini you have lived with this conflict most of your life and this month is your chance to put yourself first. With the Full Moon in your 11th and 5th house (friends and pleasure), you want to be around your friends and family, but this time they’re going to hear your point of view. Your talent has always been that you appear to please everyone but yourself, all the while things are done your way. Enough with the camouflage, it’s time to own your power outright.  

The more you stand up for yourself and what you want, the more you understand just how important you are in everyone’s life. You haven’t received the respect you deserve because you were more invested in pleasing than being heard. Without having a strong personal voice, no one pays attention. However, that was yesterday. Today the Full Moon will expose you to those who will appreciate you. In fact don’t be surprised if you find yourself with a large group of people and what you have is exactly what they want. They love your ability to take a serious subject and turn it into fun – making others laugh at themselves or see the absurdity of their actions. Forget about selfish or selfless; just do what needs to be done.

Jupiter moves into Scorpio on the 11th and strips the cover off your comfort zone.  Scorpio is the shadow; the place you send all your feelings and ideas that won’t get approval. The lesson is to find a balance between getting along and challenging others with your truth. So keep that in mind as Jupiter stirs the pot for one whole year. After the 11th it will reside in your 6th house of work and health. Your schedule may expand giving you greater power and responsibility or you will be doing more of the work you love. Others will support you, even those you haven’t considered a friend. In the past you have been critical, dismissing those you didn’t approve of and rewarded those you did. You’re more judgmental than you like to admit. That inner door doesn’t let anyone in you haven’t given a priority pass to. Now it’s time to stretch those judgments or get rid of them. Give others a chance to show their better side.

Mars conjunct Venus in your fourth house opposite Neptune in the 10th, puts the action in your home, but the focus on your career. You feel passionate about something and you’re willing to make sure others know how you feel. It’s important to take charge. No more protective shield. Stop looking for the brakes, and step on the gas. You can handle speed and besides Saturn has your back. There’s enough obstacles and challenges to keep you balanced, so when the road ahead opens up, just enjoy it. Your talent is communication and insight into the needs of others as well as being aware of the different options available. You are the master of many choices, seeing all the possibilities before you make a decision. With Neptune strong, you will have to rely on your gut, not just the facts and certainly not the advice of others. It’s time to reach beyond your old limits and demand a miracle. When you believe something is possible, it’s possible.

You’ll be happy to hear that your career is about to flourish. Neptune rules your 10th house of goals and it’s been in it’s own sign since 2012. This has been both rewarding and frustrating. If you’re doing what you love, then things are going well; if you’re not – stop wasting your time and take a risk. What are you here for? Where are you going? Dig deeper into your soul. Whether you’re beginning or concluding a chapter of your life, it’s all about listening to yourself and being happy – following your bliss. The New Moon on the 19th brings everything into focus. You see your strength and you see what has to change. You’re on the cusp of a new era.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, is making a square to the Moon and a trine to Venus and Mars. Yes, your emotions will be raw and exposed, but that’s a good thing. You tend to hide your feelings – getting them met in more discrete ways. Now it’s time to put them on the table and let everyone know how you feel. The trine to Mars and Venus intensifies an already powerful desire, guided by the idealism and the strength of Neptune. Whatever you want -- you’ll get, but you have to go for it. Stop playing around and take the most direct route. Ask yourself if you’re ready for success. With Pluto in square to your Sun its time to dig into your resistance, the part of you that prefers to sabotage what you want rather than support it and in so doing keep things the way they are. Not possible any more. If you embrace self-examination, you’ll feel liberated.

Being you is suddenly fun and exciting. What’s been holding you back is your desire to have everyone happy – not possible. Take care of your own happiness and others will learn through example. Uranus has been in Aries for the last seven years and all the lessons you have learned are finally coming together. You’re in a “good” crisis now, one that will reveal where you’ve given your power away. All it takes to change that is consciousness – an awareness of the problem. Once that’s clear it’s hard to repeat the crime.

Saturn resides in your 7th house of partnerships, personal and business. Change is affecting all your relationships and not everyone adjusts to it in the same way. So be understanding, but don’t let anyone to make you the scapegoat. No one grows without a challenge. As a mutable sign, not too much in your life is ever certain, and you can over-compensate for that by trying to make your outer world stable. Reverse the process. When you can rely on your instincts and you’re not afraid of confrontation, then you will find real security.

Relationships are both a blessing and a source of conflict. If you’re in a relationship then it’s time to listen before you open your mouth. Your partner will challenge you on many levels. It’s all about the change that is going on. When Saturn leaves Sagittarius on December 21st and moves into Capricorn, he or she will feel like a new person. For some that’s exciting and for others it’s frightening. It may take a few battles, but you’ll get on the same page. If you’re not in a relationship, then you could meet someone that’s not available right now—they’re too independent. The truth is you need your independence, and that’s how you keep it. Even if this relationship doesn’t work out, you’ll get a glimpse of your truth and it may help you grow. That’s what we’re here for -- to expand our consciousness and be able to enjoy life and all it has to offer. 


Gemini Horoscope by Linda Joyce