A Baby Chart \ The Perfect Gift 

Astrology is a wonderful tool for seeing the personality, talents, and challenges of a life. A baby chart is not just a peak into the future of your new arrival, it is a helpful tool for knowing with greater certainty what your child needs to reach his or her full potential. Children of all ages can benefit from a chart analysis. The natal chart is a blueprint of your child’s life; let it help you guide him.

A Baby Chart Will Tell You:

  • The personality traits and qualities of your child
  • Their talents and life challenges
  • How they view their mother and father
  • Where their values are strong and vulnerable
  • Who your child will choose for a life partner
  • How do they feel about money and success
  • How to bring out a child’s potential
  • Will friendships’ be important and helpful to them   
  • What are their life lessons


Prince George of Cambridge 

July 22, 2013

The Sun in Cancer: Cancer is a water sign and Prince George has six planets in water. This makes him a sensitive soul. His relationships with others will be important as well as his need to love and be loved. The sign of Cancer represents family tradition, nurturing, home and mother and yes it’s creative, original and inspiring. What’s fascinating is that George is the same sign as his father, Prince William, and his beloved deceased grandmother Princess Diana. What is interesting is that his father is the first day of Cancer and George is the last day of the sign–  will he also be the last king based on the old traditions? Whatever his destiny, this is a child that is stubborn and persevering, he will not give up anything he truly wants without taking it to the limits of its possibility. He will be a challenge for his parents.

This young man does not like the structure and demands that will be placed on him. He is a bundle of energy that will not be contained. His Sun is square Saturn in Scorpio; he’s not afraid to break the rules no matter what the consequences. Cancer’s can be “sneaky” they prefer to avoid a confrontation, at first. However, if pushed to their limits they’ll take a stand. If George can avoid direct confrontation, he will, so he’ll be good at playing innocent when he’s totally guilty. The good news is his mother sees right through him. She’s a Capricorn and she knows what he’s up to and she’s strong enough to set some needed boundaries.

The Sun at the last degree of Cancer means he’s capable of great endurance. He can withstand punishment and still hold his ground – George is a handful. He will get his way by outlasting everyone else. When he’s on the right path, it’s a great quality, but when he’s headed for trouble, it will be hard to derail him.  


Scorpio Rising: The rising sign or first house in astrology represents how the world sees you.  Scorpio energy is secretive, so Prince George will not bare his soul to the world, he’ll know how and what to conceal, not unlike his grandfather Prince Charles who has his Sun in Scorpio. He will be at ease with power and how to handle it. Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler is in Capricorn, the ruler of his third house of early education and siblings, so he will take control of his life early on and definitely be the center of attention at school. He has strong goals and will know what’s expected of him from an early age. Part of him will be happy with his position in life and part of him will wish and want more freedom. He will struggle to find his own uniqueness and still be a part of tradition and duty.


Sagittarius rules the 2nd house of values and personal finances: The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the sign of abundance and expansion. It also resides in the 8th house of finance, or other people’s resources.

There is no doubt that Prince George will inherit money, but he will also be skilled in making money on his own and perhaps in areas other royals have not ventured.. In fact, with Mars conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, he will take his inheritance and family fortune and increase it. He is a visionary and will see opportunity and take advantage of it. He will uphold his families values, but he’s going to add his own unique twist to the picture. This young man has a mind of his own. He will protect the monarchy and he will be loved by the people, which is what his obligation is all about. However, as a visionary he will have his own ideas as to how his life should unfold. He may get into some disagreements with his father on this issue. The new generation always wants to make some changes.


Capricorn rules his third house of siblings, early education and communication. The Moon and Pluto are in Capricorn. Prince George will be very close to his siblings and he may have two of them – the first one is on the way. It may be hard for him to share the limelight at first, but he will feel very spiritually connected to them. One may actually make a very big difference in his life, either by guiding him or by challenging him to do better.  When it comes to school, Prince George will have no trouble achieving good grades. But he doesn’t like to be regimented, so he may resist the structure until he realizes he has no choice. He is a poet by nature, very imaginative and creative. 

Aquarius intercepted in the third:  There is a strong desire for Prince George to express his uniqueness. He may have two lives, the one the public sees and a little crazier self that is hidden and kept under wraps.  His father will challenge his choices.  


Pisces rules his 4th house of the home and mother:  He idealizes his mother and feels spiritually connected to her. In spite of this connection Prince George is very much a loner – I guess it comes with the job. He will have a strong sense of living for himself because so much of his life is for the public. His inner world and life is well developed and he has a strong creative side -- a world he guards. He is very intuitive and he can read other people very well. It will be hard to fool this little man. And like his grandfather Prince Charles, he may find himself interested in the metaphysical world. He has a strong spiritual side that gives him a great deal of strength. When He believes in something, he’ll be a powerhouse and unstoppable.


Aries rules his 5th house of authority and the father: His father will be the one who reminds him what his values are and his role in life. After all, he’s following in his footsteps. Prince George will want more independence than he’s ready to handle, or that his father feels he’s ready to handle. He will have his own ideas as to what his goals are and what he wants to do for a living besides his royal obligations. It’s not the support is not there, they may just see things differently. They energize each other and feel stronger when they are in each others presence. His father will be very black and white on what is right and wrong. Prince George hates being controlled and there will be some issues around what he can and cannot do. This little man is very stubborn, perhaps more stubborn than everyone else.


Taurus rules his 6th house of health, service and how he spiritually connects to others. Venus is in Virgo the naturally ruler of his 6th house. His job is to serve and he will understand his mission early on. In fact, he has a big heart and he wants to help others. He will carry on the family ideals and charities and find a few of his own. He will feel a special connection to Lady Diana, his late grandmother. She will inspire him as she does his father. His own closeness to his mother will make it easy for him to understand just how important she is and was to his father.  He wants to change the world and do good and it looks like he’ll make an impact. He will be both selfish and selfless; if he can find a balance between the two he will find happiness.

His health should be excellent. He just has to make sure that he can say no to himself when something unhealthy or dangerous is offered. He has a tendency to want to experience life in extremes.


Taurus rules his 7th house of relationships: His life partner will be both beautiful and practical like his mother. She will be well suited for serving the public and they will love her.  She will help end his inner loneliness, just like his father’s marriage did for him. With Venus is Virgo, she will be good when it comes to details and organizing chaos. Confident and capable of handling most things she will be an asset to Prince George. His future bride will have a big heart and be able to handle him. That’s quite an accomplishment.


Gemini rules his 8th house of sex, power and transformation: Prince George likes power and has no trouble accepting it. In fact, he has a temper when he doesn’t get his way. He will exhibit great energy and stamina as well as a desire to explore areas of life that may be off-limits to him – he loves the shadow or the forbidden. Good with finances, he will put a great deal of ideas and energy into making money. It gives him a greater sense of power than what he already has. He will appear regal early on. He was definitely born for the role of king.


Cancer rules the 9th house of higher education, travel, wisdom and the legal matters: Leo is intercepted in the 9th: With his Sun at the last degrees of Cancer right on the cusp of the 9th house, he will be a natural royal.  He was born just before the Full Moon and so his birth was certainly a moment of great excitement. And he will continue to create a stir wherever he goes. He brings whatever is going on to a head, a crisis point, just by being present. He feels it; he feels he has the ability to make things change around him – that’s true power. The older he gets the wiser he will be. He may be a handful to handle growing up, but once he has some experience and wisdom behind him, he will be a good leader.  

With Leo intercepted in the 9th house he will not reveal all that he is to the world. He is also a ruler in waiting, just like his father and grandfather. He cannot just take his position in life and that will not be comfortable for him. He will be very good at playing the game, giving others what they need and at the same time, he will keep something for himself. It’s an ongoing battle for Prince George to fulfill his role and fulfill himself at the same time.


Virgo rules the 10th house of career and goals: He will be a natural when it comes to serving th public, but he also feels his limitations and restrictions strongly. Creative, Prince George will find ways to stretch his boundaries and to give himself what he wants and needs. It’s not an easy challenge, but he will rise to it. Prince George will not shy away from a good argument and he has a temper. He is born into politics and it fits him. He’ll be good at handling others and getting the job done.


Libra rules his 9th house of friends, clubs and individuality: With Libra ruling this house. It indicates that he is meant to lead and enjoys others with power. His friends will look up to him for guidance and support and they’ll get it. He has big shoes to fill and he is a big personality that won’t hesitate to embrace his role in life. His friends are leaders also and he will particularly like strong individuals who forge their own paths. He enjoys a good time and will have many of them.  


Scorpio rules his 12th house of the unconscious and his universal spirit. Saturn is in Scorpio: He is a symbol to others of what the ideal is and he will fit the role. Prince George will embrace his sense of duty but it won’t destroy his unique personality and his zest for life. He will learn early on that a big part of his role requires great sacrifice. He will work and play hard. His people will love him and he will provide a great deal of entertainment for everyone.