October Horoscope for Capricorn

(December 22nd  – January 19th)


Change is happening, and although your wish list is coming true, you don’t like feeling you’re not in control. When things shift, you’ve got to trust yourself and your destiny more than usual. The change before you will take you to the next level, a higher position and give you a greater sense of freedom. A better life awaits you.

Capricorns have a sense of how the world works; it gives them an adult demeanor even as a child. They’re often called ”old souls.” Their mission is to balance their inner intuition with the outer worlds – to keep the energy flowing. When they do, opportunities present themselves and they know exactly what they have to do to make them work. They have a sixth sense. It’s not unlike the Mountain Goat, the symbol of this sign. These amazing creatures see the crack in the rock, the right place go put their foot so they can climb to the top of the most difficult of mountains. Personality wise, they can appear shy, but they’re just testing the environment. Once they know with whom they’re dealing with they will insert themselves with great strength into the conversation. Their critical eye is often seen as negative and it can be, if they use it to criticize rather than to assess the situation. Hard workers with a practical side, they know how to get the job done. However, what their soul needs is freedom from rules and regulations, from civilization and society. They gravitate to the wilderness, to nature and places where logic and reason don’t work, then their intuition kicks in and they feel liberated.

The Full Moon on the 5th sets off your 4th and 10th houses (home vs. career). It’s probably not a stretch to imply that you have been working too hard and neglecting, not just yourself, but those you care about. Even if you’re single, overdoing work leads to the depletion of your spirit and that affects everything you do including your health. So take some time to rejuvenate yourself and reconnect to the world around you. It’s not a secret that you can be obsessive in whatever you do. So at least give yourself some time to regain a sense of balance. Pluto will help you out by forcing you to see you’re not making yourself a priority. The square to your Sun and Moon pits the two sides of yourself against each other – you’re the enemy -- no one else. So regain your balance and you’ll get more done than you ever would by burning the late night oil. How do you nurture your spirit? Do you watch TV, party, or isolate yourself from others? You need nature, the mountains, the forests or the beach. You long to feel embraced by the unknown; not something you have to organize and control. Give yourself this gift and you’ll not only succeed in the business world, you’ll be happy and strong from within.

You love to feel passionate about anything and this month you have a gift, Mars and Venus are conjunct and in trine to Pluto. Since it happens in your 9th house of beliefs and ideas, you may become impassioned by a new project or goal. Sustaining passion is a challenge. The key is to take the experience into your heart and nurture it quietly from within. With Neptune in opposition, the dream will not manifest immediately, you’re going to have to nurture it for a while to make it real. If it feeds your spirit, you’ll keep it going, if it doesn’t, you’ll move on. Perhaps it’s an adventure you put on the calendar because it spoke to your spirit and your need for freedom. Whatever turns you on, go for it.  This is the food that keeps you feeling alive.

Relationships are never simple for anyone, and for a Capricorn, well they’re complicated. Cancer rules your 7th house of partnerships, and the ruler of Cancer is the ever-changing Moon. Your sign represents steadfastness and structure; of course you would be attracted to the mercurial, the every changing nature of someone connected to their emotions. What you need to create consistency is a soul connection. Once you have that nothing will disturb the connection. You want loyalty and you value it. Having people around you that you can count on is essential to your success. If you’re in a relationship, things will not be easy because new issues will emerge. Don’t see it as a problem, deal with whatever comes up; hear what you don’t want to hear. It’s the only way to get to an understanding that can survive the storms of life. If you’re single, that passion I’ve been talking about may come from someone you meet. I can’t promise you that it will last, that’s up to you. But I will say this -- you’re going to enjoy it.

The emphasis of October is on work. You’re going to be exceedingly busy and excited about what you’re doing. With Saturn in trine to Uranus and square the Venus Mars Conjunction, change is happening. You have been moving in a new direction for awhile, slowly chipping away at your old beliefs and goals. The passion you feel now, is a motivating force, but to accomplish what lies ahead requires change; something’s got to go. See yourself where you want to be and let your vision be your guide. The New Moon on the 19th happens in your house of work opposite Uranus.  Pay attention to the events that occur around this date – this is where you are being asked to change. To succeed requires nothing less than courage and one more thing – the ability to receive. The universe can’t give you anything if you refuse to accept what is offered.

Change is definitely an ingredient in what you’re cooking up this month. October 11th, Jupiter leaves Libra, the ruler of your house of career and it moves into Scorpio. Friendships will become more important than ever, you’ll reach out to people you can count on and don’t be surprised if you make new friends. The more people you know that you can trust, the easier it is to get things done. So don’t be afraid to extend your sphere of influence, to offer help to others so that when you need it, it will be returned. You’re either very good at this, or you’re not. If you’re on the “not” side, then maybe you should take note. This is a skill available to all Capricorns who rely on themselves first and others second.




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