August Horoscope for Capricorn

(December 22nd  – January 19th)


Capricorns are often misunderstood, on the outside they seem conservative, serious and even shy, yet inside there is a whole other being just waiting to emerge. If you feel safe and accepted, then watch out world, a wild, free spirit is anxious to emerge. Capricorns are asked to bridge the civilized world of rules and regulations, with their inner world of instinct and freedom. Some get stuck by only doing what’s expected and others do everything they can to defy the rules. Neither way brings unity. Your challenge is to find an environment where you can be you. Inside is an inner strength that demands respect – only a formidable struggle will bring it out. You’ve got to try, fail, and pick yourself and try again; it’s how you get wiser.  You were born to be in charge, but you have to earn that position. Capricorn represents the apex of a chart, the highest point one can reach as a human being, because its not just about money and success, it’s about character and respect.

This is where opposites blend into a complex personality, revealing both the simple and the complicated in the same moment. Both loners and social animals they need a bit of both to make them happy. By being able to do it all, it is easy for them to find their center. The world is meant to revolve around them, if they have something to offer. Your mission is to find yourself first then offer it to the world.  

The eclipse on the 7th activates your 8th and 2nd houses; this has to do with debt, joint finances and taxes for starters. However, the process of facing your finances is always soul-searching and wrought with fear. You are being asked to look at where and why you spend your money, how you use your power. If you don’t have limits, then it’s time to rethink the process and make some important changes. On a positive side it’s a great time to get a loan, pay off debts and in general, get your finances in order. However, so many of us avoid our fears and the dark side of ourselves. With the eclipse in the 8th house, you must look them in the eye. The 8th house also rules transformation, so if you have a problem -- fix it. Read a self-help book or go to therapy and understand why you do what you do. Chances are your adjustments are simple, then it will just take getting rid of the clutter and tweaking a few things to make your life easier.

One last thing, the 8th house is also about sex. Sex reveals how you connect, how you surrender to another person. Do you avoid emotion or do enjoy connecting at a deeper level than just pleasure? These are issues of intimacy and they may come up, so be prepared. Now let’s move from sex to love. The month begins with Venus in trine to Neptune, so all seems well and perfect. Don’t get too comfortable; it’s just a fantasy. However, it could be a good one. Venus tends to overindulge and in trine to Venus that’s certainly possible. If you’re married or in a partnership then whatever challenge is about to emerge should not be a surprise. During the last few weeks, Venus will square Uranus and some surprises may emerge. Nothing you can’t deal with, but it’s a surprise nevertheless. Perhaps your partner wants to take a new job and it throws you off center. Maybe he or she has a project that will take up all their time and you feel ignored. The truth is, with Uranus opposite Jupiter you may have more freedom than you want. The big baby in you, loves to be nurtured and taken care of. None of this lasts long, so don’t dwell on the challenge, find a way to make it work. You love your freedom, so remember that others need theirs too.  

If you’re single, you may meet someone you really like, then suddenly realize you didn’t see them clearly. Or perhaps a good relationship can’t continue because of logistics, maybe he or she has to move for their job, or a parent needs help. I believe that things happen for a reason, so if you can’t change it; accept it.

Cancer rules your house of relationships and you love someone who is nurturing, funny (or laughs at your jokes) and allows you to be you. Perhaps your partner loves to cook and you love to eat, how great is that. The real attraction is to the mystery of their soul, there is a part of them that can’t be put into words. You are looking to reach that part of yourself and so it’s an attraction. You also love others who are a bit different or odd. This helps you express yourself without restrictions or judgments. If you are cut off from your feelings, then you’ll be attracted to someone too emotional and it will drive you crazy – but you won’t leave. Whatever you need for balance is what you will attract.  So instead of changing someone else, change yours truly.

Uranus has been in your 4th house of the home for a few years and this month it is opposing Jupiter. Have you decided to decorate, or finish some project you started a long time ago. With Mercury retrograde from the 13th to September 5th, it’s a great time to dig up what was left for later and complete it now.  Go ahead and repaint the house, turn the basement into a man cave or a playroom, whichever you need more. Uranus can indicate a change with the people in your house. Perhaps a child has taken off for college or someone has returned home to live in the basement.

One last thing, the square from Pluto to Jupiter, indicates you may have a standoff with someone. The image is two stubborn people butting heads. The more you dig in, the more they do too. If you’re battling someone in authority, remember that they’re the authority and if they have power over you it’s best to show respect. Of course you can challenge them, but do so with facts and not emotions. There is more than one way to get your way, so try not to be so demanding.  A gentle approach will get you further.  Don’t create a battle that doesn’t have to exist because you’re feeling vulnerable.

All in all you should have an interesting month. The most challenging part is getting your finances in order and making the changes necessary to improve your life. Let go of control and do what has to be done and you’ll be ready for fall and all that it has to offer. 

Capricorn - Horoscope - Linda Joyce