December Horoscope for Cancer

(June 21st  – July 22nd )

A project may come to fruition and open the door for new opportunities. Your health should improve with Saturn moving out of your 6th house and into your 7th – the ruler of your relationships. Yes this is the year to get it right with your partner – or find the one you’ve been looking for if you’re single.  

Cancers are one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. This sign can seem shy or passive, and so often their strength is overlooked. It’s the sign where the inner world is more powerful than what one sees. These are the creative geniuses of the universe. Gifted with originality and the ability to observe and analyze, you can never really be sure what a Cancer is thinking. They focus on what makes them different and so their challenge is to overcome their feelings of not fitting in. And yet to be original, to offer the world something new, you need to own what makes you special. Unfortunately, when you’re young and defining yourself, you want to be like everyone else. When a Cancer is full of doubt, there is a space for others to put in their two cents. When you love yourself there is no place for someone else’s two cents to destroy your confidence.

With the Full Moon on the 3rd in your 12th and 6th houses, you inner world is bringing you a great deal of new information. Whatever you’ve been holding inside is now bubbling up and filling your mind with new ideas, old problems and a desire to do something amazing with your creativity. In fact, a project may come to fruition and you are in the spotlight. Whatever you’ve been working on is ready to face the world and make a statement. It’s not a bad time to get more in touch with your inner world. Alone time is really a necessity for every Cancer soul. They need to remove themselves from the chaos of the world in order to hear their own voice. Honor your alone time and what makes you special will be obvious.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 3rd in Sagittarius, the ruler of your 6th house of health, work, and how you connect with others. It goes direct on the 23rd.  For the first week and half of December, Mercury is conjunct Saturn as it moves to leave Sagittarius where it has been for the last 2 1\2 years. Communication during this time may be difficult, if not serious. Perhaps there are things that need to be said which are not easy to express. Find the courage to put your truth on the table; stop protecting others from your feelings -- it serves no one.  Remember that during a retrograde you need to recheck appointments and try to avoid signing contracts, unless you have to. Whatever you sign can be successful, but you may not have all the information to make the best decision. Please rely on your instincts too.

On December 20th Saturn makes a big shift and leaves the sign of Sagittarius moving into the sign of Capricorn ruler of your relationships. Saturn in your 6th house brought up health issues that were festering below the surface and hopefully you’ve taken care of them – if they existed at all. Another challenge has been how you cope with getting your needs met vs. making others happy. Cancer’s can be both self-sacrificing and selfish. You’ve got to work on balancing these two opposites. Since you don’t like emotional confrontations, you suffer in silence. The last two and a half years may have pushed you to open your mouth; hopefully you’ve learned that its better than holding everything in. With Saturn in your house of relationships its time to stop avoiding issues and deal with the truth. Whatever is not working will become more apparent, don’t put off dealing with the problem. It will only get worse. If you’re single, you may meet someone who is older or established – but this would be a serious relationship. So if that’s what you’ve been looking for, the next two years should make it happen.

With Mars opposite Uranus for the first eight days of the month, you may find that there are changes in the work place. Either they are forced upon you or you initiate them, either way, change will occur. The danger of any Mars \ Uranus aspects is anger. It makes you volatile rather than logical. You could lose your temper so take this as a warning. It’s up to you to bring consciousness into your emotions and choose how to use them, rather than just react. It’s a great time to run a mile, or work out. You need to use your energy so it doesn’t use you.  

From the 1st to the 16th Jupiter makes an amazing trine to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. This is a positive aspect that could lead to trouble because Neptune has very little to do with reality and Jupiter enlarges and enhances whatever it connects to. If you’re working on a creative project, then this aspect will be welcomed. Your creative juices will be enhanced and your imagination will be enormous. However, if what you do requires reality or logical thinking then you need to bring in the troops to help you stay on target. This is a month when idealism is high. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year.







Cancer Horoscope - Linda Joyce