October Horoscope for Cancer

(June 21st  – July 22nd )


Change, change and more change, it’s time to let go of what’s not working and move on – in relationships and business. When you do, you feel empowered and ready for the next stage of your life. The key to success now is to be honest and not compromise. Instead persevere and you won’t be disappointed.   

Cancer inner world is so complex that they often focus on the mundane to escape coping with their needs and their feelings. This month that’s not possible. Your inner world is in charge. It’s all about how things feel, not their worldly value.  When someone or something has to pass the “feel right” test, it becomes clear what will make you happy and what won’t. Society has a different set of values than you do, and to be happy you have to learn to value what your soul needs. Sure it may keep you caught between trying to fit in and feeling okay with being on you own. You are meant to blaze a trail through unchartered territory and once you begin you’ll not only enjoy the journey, but you’ll meet like-minded souls along the way. Get over feeling strange that you want something that no one else sees. It’s a talent not a problem. The key to your happiness is listening to yourself.

The Full Moon on the 5th sets off the 10th and 4th house -- career and home. The challenge this month is to balance domestic issues with work. If you’re married then family and children may want more of your time than you’re able to give. If you’re single you may be working too hard and you need to balance whatever you’re doing with either alone time or time with your friends. Too much of anything creates problems; health and happiness requires balance.

Cancer power lies in emotions and their ability to create some distance from their stream of consciousness. Distance allows you to see the bigger picture and not respond to petty details. By stepping back, you can see what has meaning and what is useless repetition. The Saturn trine to Uranus and the Moon is your savior this month. It brings stability to a potentially volatile time. Normally your emotions could be all over the place, but Saturn will slow things down and make you see the next step. So don’t be in a hurry, when it comes to personal relationships or business. Take your time and think things through, then make a decision.

This is a month of passion and it comes from Pluto in trine to Venus and Mars. A Cancer with passion is motivated and unrelenting. It gives you the strength to overcome resistance and fears. Have you noticed your newfound power attracts greater respect from others? You appear certain and in charge.  Don’t give in to your passive side, step forward and take the reins. Others want and need your guidance.

Relationships are both supportive and difficult. If you’re in one, then you need to listen to your partner’s objections and not pretend as if you have all the answers. This has gotten you into trouble in the past. You tend to avoid confrontation and instead of getting rid of a problem, tension builds and it remerges when you least want it to. There is a core issue now that needs your attention because it’s never been resolved. This is a reminder to deal with challenges as they emerge. When you listen and don’t defend yourself, others feel they were heard and they stop complaining. So rise above your own desires and try and acknowledge the feelings of others. Pluto in trine to Venus and Mars gives you the courage to take a risk, but the square to the Sun and Mercury makes you question your finances and your faith in yourself. The answer is simple, trust your instincts and believe in you.  

A big change this month comes from Jupiter. It’s moving out of Libra and into Scorpio on the 11th. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel more in charge. The strength of Jupiter is amazing, it brings with it abundance, confidence and support. The year it spent in Libra brought up issues of fairness and balance, but Scorpio doesn’t care about those things – its focus is on getting the job done. This is accomplished by getting rid of what’s not useful. Letting go for a Cancer is a challenge, they can hang on to memories that keep them stuck in the past. When you let go you free yourself to move forward. And isn’t that what you’re afraid of.   

Pay attention to The New Moon on October 19th, it happens at the end of your 4th house of the home. For a brief moment you have the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury conjunct empowering you from within. The surge of strength may surprise you. However, all those wonderful planets find themselves in opposition to Uranus – the ruler of your beliefs. You’re in conflict with yourself. You want change and now you feel strong enough to make it. If you hesitate too long, the feeling of strength will pass. Home should be a safe zone, the place you go to get away from the world. This month it is emphasized, either because you’re making changes with this sacred piece of real estate or you’re spending more time with those you love. Whatever your mission, it should be complete by the end of the month. Keeping yourself divided is not healthy. Commit to the change and you won’t regret it.   

Saturn is usually not an easy planet to negotiate. This month it squares Mars the ruler of your house of career and trines Uranus. Once again we’re talking about change. The square to Mars slows everything down and gives you a sense of control. There’s nothing like an obstacle or someone who opposes your advancement to get you focused and on your path. Emotions are always an issue. The problem is you feel things differently than others and then you don’t trust yourself. Until you learn to rely on your own judgment and give yourself the respect you know you deserve, nothing really changes until you honor yourself.




Cancer Horoscope - Linda Joyce