August Horoscope for Cancer

(June 21st  – July 22nd )


The mysterious ever-changing Moon is the ruler of Cancer. Here emotions are strong whether they are expressed or not. In fact, most Cancers are shy or withdrawn; they live in their inner world cluttered with misfit pieces that they constantly rearrange trying to make them fit into an acceptable picture. What they don’t know is that what makes them different is the key to their genius; it’s just finding the right venue or way to present them to the world. To help you conquer your challenge, you are given the gift of humor and creativity. If you can laugh at yourself and not take the world too seriously, then you’ll find a way to be yourself  no matter what’s happening around you.

The first step toward wholeness is learning to listen to yourself; that means the wounds, the joys, the ego and the doubt. What you ignore will only get stronger. The mission is to integrate your feelings of despair or rejection with your ideals and faith in yourself. Yes, the shadow and the light have to have a relationship; they need to accept each other. When they do, you are centered and strong.

The Sun Mars conjunction in Leo is happening in your second house of money and values. On August 7th there is a Lunar Eclipse or Full Moon. It’s bringing with it an epiphany. Suddenly those loose pieces of yourself, those original ideas, find their niche and you have a new and greater vision of who you are and where you’re going. Yes, this is a great time to reinvent you.

Jupiter rules your 6th house of work and with the Moon making a trine to the ruler of Sagittarius, the result is a busy schedule with changes that increase your success. Jupiter represents expansion, abundance and opportunity. You’re in a period of growth, which is not always comfortable. This creates an all or nothing approach to the problem: you hold back or jump in without thinking. Either choice has its problems – there’s no preparation. You prefer relying on your instincts for survival and it does bring your mind, body and spirit together in a way that only a crisis can. Without time to think, you respond to your deeper self and it’s exhilarating. So start taking more risks for the simple things in life and get yourself used to relying on that voice. It’s there to guide you and enlighten you. Add to it some strategic thinking and now you’re sure to make the right choice. 

Aries rules your 10th house of work and with Uranus in this sign for the last six years, it’s been changing your goals and the job you’re doing. Uranus will leave Aries next May and enter Taurus the ruler of your house of friends – get ready to add some new ones to your contact list. Between now and May there will be changes – a big one. And yes, they’re there to make your life better not worse. By the middle of this month Uranus will trine the Sun and Mars and everything will speed up. In fact, this is a time to expand your client base, or your productivity. By the end of the month you should do well financially. If you’re not working for yourself, it’s a good time to ask for a raise or a promotion. Saturn in Sagittarius, trining the Sun, is there to help you get what you have earned through hard work.  

Now lets talk about that mysterious planet Neptune, which is opposing your Mercury for most of the month. Mercury is your ability to communicate and Neptune adds inspiration and creativity. If you feel like writing poetry--do it--it will help you express your feelings. This is a time to reach for the stars, so get out of your comfort zone and do things differently. Just make sure you don’t avoid the dirty work, it’s an essential part of success. When you overlook what you don’t want to see, it only returns to get in your way at a later and more inconvenient time. And one more thing, organization is either your talent or your problem. You can’t expand if you don’t have the basics down and a system in place. If you can’t do it, bring in someone else who can. It’s essential to success. Mercury goes retrograde from the 13th to Sept 5th. So this is the time to put things in place and get prepared for the next phase in your life. Retrogrades are great for getting old work done, that means clear up your desk. What needs to be put aside is new projects, if you decide to try, in spite of my advice, you may find that nothing gets accomplished – someone or something you need will be missing. Also remember its not a good time to sign contracts or buy electrical equipment, so put those things off until Mercury is direct.

Relationships for you are incredibly important, you blossom when you’re nurtured and loved. However, if you’re in a relationship, you may find there is pressure on you to be more emotionally present. If you’re not ready to open up, you could shut down, unwilling to face your feelings. Another possibility is that others avoid you because of their own issues but you feel abandoned and unworthy of love – and of course it’s not true. A word of caution, Cancers love their pity parties. Enjoy yours just don’t linger. Not dealing with a problem creates a greater one. If you’re single and have been jumping into bed for just sex, without a thought of something more, then you could fall for someone who gets beyond your resistance. When you’re needy, then it doesn’t matter whose offering the glass of water – you drink it. So take care of your emotions and realize that sex is never enough for you – you need love.

It’s an idealistic month and you love soaring above reality. With Venus trine Neptune, you’re on cloud nine and looking for a high, a moment of illusion, but  just keep in mind it won’t last. Too much fantasy in relationships actually attracts whatever you’re avoiding – yes opposites attract. If you haven’t met someone and are against taking a risk, then you will fall for someone you can long for and never have. This solves the problem until your heart and soul needs more. Face the fear of rejection; what’s the worse thing that can happen – they say no. If they do --pick yourself up and try again, experience is the best teacher.

Love will come your way when you focus on what’s inside. You love a good mind, a strong wit, someone who keeps you on your toes. Even though you complain, you’re happy when you have to go out and interact with others. When you do, you’re often the life of the party and yet each time you need to venture beyond your comfort zone you hesitate and often change your mind. You need a partner who doesn’t listen to your fears and helps you gain confidence in yourself. Safety doesn’t exist in isolation, it lies in you and as Buddha once said, “Wherever you go there you are.” With Pluto in opposition to Venus, love is possible, but there is a glitch – whose in control?  In the beginning having a strong person take over feels great, but sooner or later you’ll begin to resent not being in charge and they’ll resent having all the responsibility. Never give up who you are to please anyone. It’s not a happy existence.

This month the stars are aligned to keep you moving and growing and you might even enjoy the process, because you’re doing what you love. Ideals are high with Neptune strong, but Saturn brings a balance by adding a practical approach. As always your biggest challenge is communicating exactly what you want. To be successful in love or work, you’ve got to let others know where you’re coming from and what you want. Don’t allow yourself to get away with avoiding this essential ingredient for happiness. 

Cancer Horoscope - Linda Joyce