The Man Thing

One Hundred Interviews With Men

By Linda Joyce


What does it take to change centuries of misunderstandings? Khalil Gibran summed it up when he said, “The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply.” One hundred men did just that for international life coach Linda Joyce. In January of 2012, she booked her first one to one interview. Her quest was to discover exactly what motivates men on the subject of women, work and passion. Surrounded by a warm environment and a promise of anonymity, the men expressed their truth in a surprisingly raw and emotional way. The list of men spans societies spectrum from CEO’s to starving artists. Their answers are organized by subject and presented in the men’s own voices.  

Men are born into a world of expectations and stereotypes that have grave consequences if they are not upheld. They are raised with sayings such as “Men don’t cry,” “Real men are not afraid” and the holly grail of manly character – “Never show emotion.” The fear of every boy is being labeled a marshmallow. If they’re not cut out for a “man’s world,” they judge themselves as less. The good news is a New Man is emerging. This New Man chooses to refer to himself as a human being. He’s not afraid to show his sensitivity when the moment demands it and at the same time, he hasn’t lost his competitive edge.

The purpose of The Untold Story, Interviews With Men is to hear from men about men and not from all the experts. My hope is for men to learn from each other, by sharing their real thoughts and feelings. Writing this book has changed how I perceive men; my wish is that it becomes a catalyst of change for both sexes. 


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The Untold Story Interviews with Men by Linda Joyce