December Horoscope for Aries

(March 21st  – April 19th)

This month the past and the future collide. With Mercury retrograde on the 3rd, you’re pulled back into a relationship or a situation you thought was over. Don’t worry you won’t stay – the future and a new path is calling your name. Your head is full of new ideas and opportunity is within your reach. Change is happening and you’re ready for it.

Aries are idealists and this month with Neptune strong, they need to lean toward their practical side. It’s wonderful to believe in the good things in life, to see the best qualities of a person while diminishing their flaws. Always remember life is a balance between the light and shadow and what you deny gains power and it will find a way into your life. The only way to keep the negative away, is to acknowledge its presence and consciously choose to keep it at a distance. Don’t get me wrong, a positive attitude will help you create success and see opportunities. What you believe you will create and those that can place themselves in their vision as if they were meant to be there, will get there -- if they’re willing to do the work. The Achilles Heel of an Aries is inspiration; it comes in strong but maintaining it is the challenge. When it wanes an Aries often loses interest. When this happens and it always does, the Aries must get their motivation from within, from that inner vision of who they are and where they know they should be.

The Full Moon on the 3rd occurs in your 3rd and 9th houses -- the home of communication, travel and your beliefs. These two houses also represent adventure and the desire to explore the world. The Full Moon will activate your internal restlessness, you may find it difficult to stay focused or be present because your mind is on the future and your dreams. With the Sun and Moon in square to Neptune, the desire to make a particular dream a reality is powerful. The dream itself is important. Examine what it is you want and if it still speaks to your soul. When you don’t work to manifest a dream, it becomes a place to escape, not something to motivate you into action. We always begin a journey with an idealistic image of what we hope the experience will be. As we go along we learn more about the dream and ourselves. Often we don’t use the facts to improve our vision or make it more real. This is the month to slow down and figure it all out. Where am I and where do I want to be a year from now – ten years from now? You may not know exactly what you want, but you have a feeling of where you should be. The more you honor that feeling the more it will define itself in your heart. Know that dreams need to be adjusted. If you expect too much from yourself you could overload your system and feel as if nothing is possible. And if you don’t ask enough of yourself, you won’t discover just how much you are capable of doing.

The New Moon on the 17th puts an emphasis on your 9th house of travel, education and legal matters. With five planets in the sign of Sagittarius there is a strong need to either take a trip or to organize a project or new idea that wants your attention. These five planets make a trine to Uranus. This tells me that what you’re thinking about will take you off your path and down a new road. You’re ready to step outside of your box, and that’s a good thing. The energy now is all about breaking the mold and reshaping your life to fit the new you. You can’t grow if you keep repeating your past. You need to take small risks that open you up to a new way of thinking.

On December 20th Saturn shifts signs. It leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn. It has been in Sadge for 2 1\2 years and now it will reside in your 10th house of career. Be ready to take on more responsibility when it comes to work. More will be demanded of you so discipline and a steady pace is essential now. Saturn in Capricorn is exactly what an Aries needs to succeed. It’s provides a balance to their impulsive nature. What it brings to the fore is your desire for power and control and once you have a taste of the future, it will provide the motivation you need to keep going. Pay attention to how you prioritize. If the bank is going to close in 15 minutes and you can’t find the shoes that match your outfit, put on another pair. If you let small things interfere with your ability to manage your life, you’ll drag behind. It’s time to be practical.


Mercury goes retrograde on the 3rd in Sagittarius. How much do you know about what you want to accomplish? Have you gathered all the information you need to make good choices? The last degree of Sagittarius is all about intelligence and so you want to let your wisdom take the lead. Mercury retrograde either makes it difficult to get all the information you need or it gives you more than you realized you would need. Either way you may be required to wing it and trust your gut. Mercury will go direct on the 23rd.  This retrograde may trigger travel plans, a journey that you have wanted to take, now suddenly it is possible. Will it go smoothly, it really doesn’t matter, what does is that you relax, let go and enjoy the ride. It’s there to add a missing piece to your puzzle. When you get your “aha” moment, you’re ready to move forward.The Mars Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio is a powerful aspect and the trine from Neptune only adds to its power. You feel strongly about whatever it is you’re about to do. Is it a bit idealistic, of course, you’re an Aries. If it doesn’t have a touch of risk and idealism you wouldn’t be interested. You feel powerful because the stars are aligned to get you more in touch with who you are and what you really want to do. Trust your instincts now and allow them to take the lead. That doesn’t mean you can’t question your thoughts, but if they stay after you’ve taken them apart and put them back together, then you’re meant to continue. It’s a great month for an Aries. I wish you a happy holiday and a fabulous New Year

Aries Horoscope by Linda Joyce