August Horoscope for Aries

(March 21st  – April 19th)


As the visionaries of the universe, Aries are gifted with the ability to cut through “what is” and forge a path to “what could be.” They do this by separating good from evil, right from wrong, and so judgment is a tool they’re given to help them organize chaos. If their judgments are used with love, the results bring understanding; if they’re used for control or power, they create enemies and opposition. If nothing else, Aries shake things up and are strong seekers of truth and wisdom. Aware that knowledge and experience are important, they throw themselves into life with a fearlessness that is envied by all.

The soul of an Aries seeks resistance and a challenge; they’re learning how to go inside and connect to their motivation so they can find the courage to enter the unknown. A bike needs the earth to push back for it to advance and an Aries needs the struggle to bring out their inner strength. When resistance is not available this fire sign is drawn to conflict or a battle. There’s nothing like a good fight to get one feeling empowered and ready to act. They get inspired when they stand up for what’s right no matter how minor or small. Discrimination is not their strong point; that happens in the next sign of Taurus. They will have to learn to choose their battles so they don’t waste their time in unnecessary debates. Courage is easy when you’re fighting for a cause or someone else, but to find the courage to be you, now that’s a lot more daunting. Your mission is not to please others; it’s to discover who you are and where you’re going. You need faith and courage to be yourself. So embrace “The Good Fight” it’s the only one worth winning.  

August brings the Sun and Mars together in the fire sign of Leo, the 5th house of pleasure, creativity and the center of your personal power. The life force is strong and it will take you far, if you’re clear on what you want. Your ability to attract and persuade is enhanced now, so use it profusely. Jupiter trine your Moon gives you the perseverance that is often missing in the first sign of the zodiac. This ruler of Sagittarius provides support, its strength empowers the Moon – now someone cares and is willing to help you achieve your goals. And whatever you do don’t hesitate to accept help. There’s nothing wrong with letting others carry you across the river, just return the favor when you get a chance and pass it on. Accepting help gives you more energy for those moments you need the sheer power of your will to survive. This is what separates one Aries from another, the strength in one’s beliefs and the ability to advance, because they demand it of themselves.

The heart is the keeper of inspiration, love and idealism. As an Aires you have an extra dose of all this good stuff. Some Aries deny reality in order to keep the energy flowing, but this only leads to disappointment. Your mission is to blend the truth with your unlimited possibilities, the present with the future and all you can be. Embrace both the shadow and the light. When you keep your opposites in balance, not allowing one side to take precedence over the other, then you will find your center and feel safe, even when the world is a dangerous place.

Love is offered the way you like it this month; it’s interlaced with romance and fantasy. With Venus trine Neptune and Neptune trine Mercury, the love affair with illusion is ongoing. And why not, we all need a break from the harshness of life. Just know that it’s not the whole truth. Sooner or later the bubble will burst and leave you on the ground. Just pick yourself up and keep going because Saturn is offering some amazing things. The planet of structure and realism is trine the Sun and Mars. What a gift. Now there’s no more maybes – it’s happening. Saturn creates something lasting. Don’t be surprised if your casual encounter actually turns into something serious. Venus, the ruler of love, is in Cancer, and it wants and yearns for only what’s real. It’s doesn’t always express its feelings, so you’ve got to use your instincts. Your heart always knows the answer if you’re strong enough to hear the truth.

The gift of your sign is that every sign in your chart gets to rule its own house. This gives the Aries added strength. Capricorn resides on your 10th house cusp so your career and goals are in good hands. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and it’s been changing our financial centers and how you view your career. The Saturn trine to the Sun and Mars will bring results. Wherever you’ve done the work, the reward awaits you. The rewards of Saturn always come later; not when the job is finished. The check is in the mail, should be it’s slogan. Well your check is not only in the mail it should arrive very soon. So get ready for some monumental changes when it comes to career, you should know what they are by the end of the year.  

One word of caution, Mercury is retrograde form the 13th to September 5th and appointments and schedules will not work according to plan. This is a time to get old projects off your desk, clean out your closets and put new projects aside. It’s more important to be prepared to move forward when Mercury goes direct. This is also not a good time to sign contracts or buy digital equipment. If you don’t have a choice with the contract then sign it, just know that some of what you thought it would be will change, it could even change for the better. It’s all a mystery, that’s why people wait until Mercury goes direct. Everyone looks for certainty, when in truth it doesn’t exist.

Neptune has been in your 12th house since 2012. It’s been pumping inspiration and idealism through your veins and I’m sure you’re grateful. The 12th house is a spiritual house, this is where we have no control. What it provides is a balance to our life, even when we don’t know we need it. So be prepared for the unexpected. It’s important now to nurture your spirit. Find the time to feed your poetic nature, and your desire for an adventure, even if it’s just doing something different for the weekend. Get out of your routine and you’ll find that everything else seems to fall into place. If you don’t know what inspires you, take a walk in nature, or just watch the sun go down or gaze at the stars. It will feed your soul.

All in all, August gets a gold star. This month you will feel rewarded for your efforts and be inspired by new ideas. That’s a good month for anyone.


Aries Horoscope by Linda Joyce