August Horoscope for Aquarius

 (January 20th – February 18th)


Aquarius is air and psychic power, that’s not water flowing from her urn. This is the place where all sides of you come together in harmony through the heart and what emerges is unique, after all, there is only one you. As far as I’m concerned this is what the journey is about: the quest to be the most authentic you. To accomplish this goal, one has to balance many things: alone time with social events, the gypsy spirit with the business world, the creative genius with what sells. It’s a constant struggle with a need to compromise, to do it well -- you need to know your truth. Aquarius connects through the heart; nothing else seems to matter. Aquarians are attracted to a loving soul, not who they are and what they have. They lead the battles for fairness and justice; they fight for animal rights and the preservation of nature and civil rights. Their philosophy is we should all exist together in harmony without judgment. Yes they’re idealistic, but they believe in the power of love, and its ability to change the world.

The Lunar Eclipse of August 7th happens in your 1st and 7th house. This puts the focus on you and your relationships – all of them -- romantic and business. How much time do you give to yourself and what’s important to you; these are the questions you should be asking. Hopefully, you’re not running around trying to make others happy. If you haven’t notice yet, that doesn’t work. Your job is to make yourself happy and share it.. Don’t be a pushover for a lost soul. If you’re not aware of your weakness, you’re the one who will end up lost and off your path. So the eclipse will remind you to take care of yourself. And this will free your relationships to find their own path to happiness.

The Moon is in Aquarius in your 1st house. It enhances your psychic energy and you should pay attention to it. Don’t dismiss your gut instinct, especially not now. With Mars and the Sun in your 7th house, you’ll need a strong ego to keep others at bay. It’s perfectly all right to let someone else take a bow, especially if they deserve it. Just don’t allow them to hog the spotlight. You’ve got to hold your own and not step back too far or for too long. Let others learn to adjust to you and your needs. When you can be both humble and strong, you’re ready for anything.

If you’re looking for a relationship, the planetary conjunction in your 7th house may attract a new partnership. If you’re married, it could bring new alliances in business. The trine to Saturn from you 11th house means that this new person will enter as friend. For an Aquarian there is nothing better than friendship. It’s what sustains them, in good times or bad.  However, love is another story. Love is always an issue for Aquarians because they go right to the heart and forget the package. You’re never attracted to someone who is the center of attention; instead your eyes travel to the corner of the room, to the person avoiding attention. You love the souls that don’t quite fit in. Whatever you do don’t choose a partner to heal them; that should not be the mission. When it is, you’ll get pulled off your path and lost in someone else’s life. If you’re always choosing someone that can’t fit into your world then maybe your relationships are more about rebellion than love. 

Venus will trine Neptune at the beginning of the month and bring love, and romance into your life with ease. As the planets move and alter their position, love gets more challenging. Toward the middle of the month, the ease of an early encounter can suddenly reveal deeper problems. Venus will square Jupiter, so don’t let them tell you what to do, your friendly nature is often interpreted as a weakness not the strength it is. Speak up and hold your own. If this is not your partner, it could be someone at work. Do open your mouth, but ask yourself if it’s worth it. Sometimes it’s okay to just let someone have their dance. However, if you have trouble holding your own then you need the practice. Say something. The world won’t end. And if it ends your relationship, then that’s a good thing, it wouldn’t have worked out anyway.

One more thing at the end of the month Venus will square Uranus and this will upset you, because it brings an unexpected change. Perhaps your partner breaks a date because of work, or helps someone else out instead of you. When you always understand, your good deeds become expected and appreciation disappears. If you’re upset say so and demand your rights. If you never ask for anything then you never get anything. So now it’s up to you to set the picture straight. 

Okay let’s talk about finances. They seem to improve this month. With Neptune in your 2nd house of money in trine to Venus, production and results should improve whatever your business is.  A new alliance could bring new opportunity, so be ready to say yes to a new venture. With Venus in your 6th house of work, your ability to bring love and heart to whatever you do is what others notice and they want more. So charge more. Mercury opposes Neptune so you’re going to have to ask for what you’re worth. I don’t care how uncomfortable you are, don’t you dare ask for less. How you present yourself in the beginning creates your value. Stop giving your talent away.  Jupiter will be entering your 10th house of career in October, so be ready for opportunity to pound on your door.

Uranus, your ruler, is a bit lonely at the beginning of the month. You may isolate yourself from others. If you’re overloaded and taking a break, then its good. If you’re hiding from what you don’t want to deal with then its not. Being alone is not the issue, the motivation may be. Whatever the reason, by the middle of the month, the trine to the Sun and Mars will get you back into action. You’re ready for it all because it’s exactly what you’ve been working toward. New ideas will come and go and a few will stay because you know they’re right for you. Everything will happen quickly, so it’s a good thing you’re doing the work now. Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo on the 13th until September 5th. So until then, focus on clearing up old projects and put the new ones aside. Nothing new gets completed during a retrograde, so clean up your desk. Clarity will be an asset when Mercury goes direct. And of course, stay away from buying computers or digital products, they don’t seem to work well during a retrograde.

All in all this should be an exciting month. A new business venture or partnership is on the way. Yes it can also be love. Certainly new ideas will catch your heart and change your goals and vision as they are integrated into your plans. Don’t worry about anything; just be yourself. It’s all-good. 

Aquarius Horoscope - Linda Joyce